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Memberships glossaryLast updated on 03/22/2022


Membership type—The template used to set up a membership for a customer. It includes recurring service types, tags, pricing, accounting details, and duration and billing details.

Customer Membership—When sold, a customer membership is configured from the membership type. You add customer-specific details like billing information, service location, and recurring services.

Recurring service type—The template used to set up recurring services for a service location. It includes details to help book recurring service events into jobs including job type, business unit, recurrence type, and duration type.

Recurring services—The package of service visits included with a membership. When you sell a membership, recurring services are attached to the customer service location with details including start dates, service recurrence, and preferred technician. These details are used to create recurring service events.

Recurring service events—Recurring service events appear in Follow Ups where they can be booked into jobs. They are scheduled based on the frequency details of a service location’s recurring services. The recurring service event includes details from the recurring service to help job booking.

Membership opportunity—Any service location that doesn’t have an active membership is considered a membership opportunity as indicated by the Potential Member tag.

Deferred revenue—See What is deferred revenue?


Sale task—A pricebook service item that activates a membership when added to an invoice. Every membership type needs a sale task to sell the membership.

Renewal task—A pricebook service item that renews a membership when added to an invoice. Every fixed-duration membership type needs a renewal task to renew the membership.

Billing task—A pricebook service item added to a billing invoice template for an ongoing membership. Every ongoing membership type needs a billing task for periodic billing.


Invoice template—Invoice templates are used to generate invoices for recurring services and billing invoices. They include the pricebook items for services performed during a recurring service job or for periodic billing of ongoing memberships.

Billing template—Billing templates are a type of invoice template that include the pricebook item used to generate billing invoices for ongoing memberships.

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