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Reschedule multiple jobs at once with Mass RescheduleLast updated on 03/22/2022

Mass Reschedule lets you rapidly adjust to changing business circumstances by rescheduling or reassigning large numbers of jobs quickly. For example, if your business operates outdoors and can’t work in the rain, dispatchers can mass reschedule jobs to subsequent dates when technicians get rained out. You can use Mass Reschedule to reschedule jobs assigned to individual technicians or entire teams of technicians, or reschedule all jobs for a given day.

Things to know

  • Mass Reschedule does not change the start or end time of the job. You can change the scheduled time for the job by dragging it on the Dispatch Board.

  • When you use Mass Reschedule to move jobs to another day or time, Mass Reschedule doesn’t check for conflicts or technicians double-booked with two jobs at the same time. After you mass reschedule jobs, make sure to check the Dispatch Board to resolve any conflicts.

  • Manually rescheduled jobs take precedence over Mass Rescheduled jobs if both happen at once. For example, if a dispatcher is manually rescheduling a job that you’re rescheduling with Mass Reschedule, the date chosen by the other dispatcher is used for the job’s new date.

Use Mass Reschedule

To mass reschedule jobs:

  1. From the Dispatch Board, go to the calendar day for which you want to reschedule multiple jobs and click Mass Reschedule.

  2. Use the filters to select jobs you want to reschedule. You can:

    • Click the Filter List to filter the jobs you see by business unit, zone, and tag.

    • Select All Technicians & Unassigned Jobs to select jobs for the day.

    • Select a team to select jobs assigned to technicians in that team.

    • Select all jobs assigned to one technician by expanding the team and then clicking the technician.

    • Select an individual job to reassign by expanding the team, then expanding the technician and then selecting a job.

    • After you select each job you want to reschedule, click Reschedule.

      Reschedule Jobs opens.

  3. Click the Date field and select a new day for each job you selected.

  4. If you want to reassign the selected jobs to a new technician, click the Technicians dropdown. You can also select Unassign all technicians to unassign all technicians from the selected jobs.

  5. Click Apply Changes to reschedule each of the selected jobs.

    Rescheduling Jobs opens.

  6. Rescheduled jobs are highlighted purple. To complete rescheduling, click Save & Close. Note: No changes are made until you click Save & Close.

    A notification shows you how many jobs are being rescheduled. Rescheduling jobs typically takes only a few seconds with small numbers of jobs, but if you’re rescheduling a large number of jobs it may take up to several minutes. Generally, reassigning jobs manually takes longer than using Mass Reschedule.

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