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Understand and book different types of leadsLast updated on 03/22/2022

There are several different types of leads in ServiceTitan. Marketing leads come from marketing campaigns, abandoned call leads are calls that were over sixty seconds long where the customer service representative (CSR) didn’t click the green incoming call bubble, and job-generated leads are leads that are generated from the job itself. Since job-generated leads are most often created by technicians, these leads are sometimes called technician-generated leads.

Things to know

  • Even if the initial estimate visit is free for the customer, you should still book a job for the work so that an invoice is generated. Having a job with an invoice for all the work you do ensures that you have an accurate audit trail of your company activities and maintains clean accounting. To learn more, see Generate an invoice.

Marketing leads

A marketing lead is one whose source is any of your marketing campaigns.

Marketing leads can come in through several different ways:

  • incoming calls from new customers

  • online bookings

  • customer emails

  • word-of-mouth or customer referrals

  • repeat business or returning customer

Abandoned call leads

On the dashboard, you see the Leads tab. That tab shows you abandoned calls. To learn more, see Manage abandoned and unbooked calls.

Job-generated leads

Job-generated leads are where someone, most often a technician, generates new business for the company through an existing job. This usually happens when the technician is working on the job and convinces the customer to get an estimate for additional services or a new installation.

Book this type of lead through the Job screen:

  1. Go to the job screen for the job that has generated the lead. Tip: You can use Search to find it or click on it on the Dispatch Board.

  2. From the blue button dropdown, click Lead. The Create Lead flyout opens.

  3. Enter the business unit, job type, priority level, start date, start time, lead-setting employee, technician, summary, and any applicable tag(s) for the job.

    Note: The lead-setting employee is the office employee or technician who generated the lead. The technician is the technician who is assigned to the job, not the person who got the lead.

  4. Click Book.

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