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Marketing Pro PlaybookLast updated on 09/23/2022

Using Marketing Pro Playbook helps you learn all the tips and proven workflows to get the most out of Marketing Pro for your business. To view, read, or download Marketing Pro Playbook, go to Marketing Pro Resources.

About this playbook

For home services companies to grow and succeed in today’s economy, marketing managers (or office employees who wear many hats, including marketing) must be able to develop strategies, processes, and best practices for driving additional revenue from their customer base. Understanding how to tap into a goldmine of customer data that you have collected and hyper-target your emails to the right audience is key.

Use this playbook to learn about ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and get the most out of using it to drive additional revenue for your home services business. Make sure you’ve read the training materials available in the Resources section of this playbook to get a full understanding of the prescribed workflows and more. Here’s a quick view of things you’ll learn how to do using this guide:

  • Customize your templates

  • Create your audience and the best ways to do it

  • Build an automated email campaign

Additionally, this playbook includes email campaign ideas you can try to get the most out of your data.

Benefits of using the ServiceTitan Marketing Pro Playbook

This playbook is a guide to the strategies, tactics, and insights that the ServiceTitan Marketing Pro team has developed based on customer research. Whether you are already an email marketing pro or you are just starting, use this information to:

  • Save time by knowing exactly what to do at each step of your campaign creation

  • Spend less time coming up with campaign ideas that work.

  • Reduce stress by introducing the playbook to others on your team, so they’re informed when you are out of the office.

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