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Manage Marketing Pro settingsLast updated on 04/15/2023

In Marketing settings, you can set your company’s details to generate merge tags, configure your outgoing marketing email and direct mail settings, and set a time frame for revenue attribution.

Things to know

  • You can use the information in the Company Details section as merge tags that are used to automatically populate your marketing content. For example, if you enter {{company_tagline}} in a marketing template, your company tagline appears instead.

  • Information you add to Sender Details are the default for all newly created campaigns. You can also optionally set different sender details for individual campaigns.

  • After you add your logo, you can use it in any Marketing Pro template. Your logo is automatically added to any template sent to you by ServiceTitan.

Understand Marketing Pro email settings

You can set your business marketing campaigns settings in the Marketing Pro Settings, to use then in your email marketing campaigns and more.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings settings.png > Marketing Pro > Marketing.

  2. Provide information about company details, trades, and more.

Company Details

In the Marketing section of the Marketing Pro Settings, enter your company’s public information. You can also upload your logo.

Tip: You can add the information provided here in your marketing settings campaigns using merge tags. Details entered here appear exactly as you enter them when using merge tags, make sure to proofread.

The Company Details section includes:

  • Company Name—Company name that you want to appear on your campaign

  • Tagline/Slogan—Company tagline/slogan that you want to appear on a campaign

  • Address, City, State, and Zip Code—Company address Note: Address field names may differ depending on the country of the homeowner. For example, customers in the United States will see the Zip Code and State fields whereas Canadian customers will see the Postal Code and Province fields.

  • Year Established—The year company was established in

  • Logo—Upload your logo. File types include PNG, JPG, SVG, and JPEG. Logos can be any size, but you’ll get the best results if your logo is at least 180x180px. Note: You can download, delete or replace the logo.

Select Your Trades

In the Select Your Trades section, select each trade that applies to your business.

Note: New email templates are periodically added to Marketing Pro for each trade you select.

ServiceTitan sends email templates for the following trades:

  • Electrical

  • Garage Door

  • HVAC

  • Plumbing


In the Sender section, enter sender information for your outgoing marketing content. The information includes:

  • Sender Name—Name of the sender. For example, Marketing at Your Company.

  • Sender Domain—Web domain of your business. The outgoing marketing emails you sent to your customers are sent from the information you enter in the Sender Domain field plus For example,

  • Sender Email—The email address you want marketing content to originate from. After you enter the sender email address the sender domain is added automatically. For example,

Note: If you choose different sender details when building a new marketing campaign from the Campaign section in Marketing Pro, the new information overrides the information entered in this section.


In the Reply-To section, enter the email address where you want to receive the replies to your marketing content.


The information you provide in the Footer section can be used as a merge tag in your marketing content. The Footer details include:

  • Legal Copy—Any legal information about your company that you want to include in marketing content, such as disclaimer information or links to any relevant customer or license agreements

  • LIC #—Your skilled trade license number

  • Copyright Text—Copyright information for your company

Double Opt-In

Enable Double Opt-In to require customers to confirm they want to receive marketing content from you. Double Opt-In helps improve your email deliverability by only sending marketing content to customers who want to receive it. If Double Opt-In is enabled, customers will need to be tagged as Opted In to be eligible to receive Marketing Pro content. By default, all of your customers except the ones on your suppression list are tagged as Opted In and won’t need to register. New customers receive an opt-in email after they book and complete a job with your business. You can enable and customize the Double Opt-In details:

  1. Turn on the Enable toggle, to enable Double Opt-In and enter details:

    • Subject Line—Email subject text that you want to include in the double opt-in message content

    • Header—Your double opt-in message content header

    • Body Copy—Double opt-in message body text copy

    • Button Text—Text of the action button in your double opt-in message

    • Footer—Automatically added text

  2. Click Preview Email to see a preview of your opt-in message.

Opt-Out Message

Enable Opt-Out Messages to automatically send an opt-out email to your customers who haven’t opened any of your emails in a customizable timeframe. Opt-out emails allow disengaged customers to unsubscribe from your marketing content. Opt-Out messages help improve your email open rate and deliverability by reducing the number of your customers who will probably not open your messages in the future. If a customer receives an opt-out message from you and doesn't open it in two days, they are automatically tagged as Email Dormant and won't receive marketing content from you in the future. If they do open the opt-out message and click the unsubscribe link, they are added to the suppression list and won't receive any marketing content from you in the future. You can enable and customize the Opt-Out Message section details:

  1. Turn on the Enable toggle, to enable the Double Opt-Օut section and enter details:

    • Subject Line—Email subject text that you want to include in the opt-out message content

    • Header—Your marketing opt-out message content header

    • Body Copy—Marketing opt-out message body text copy

    • Button Text—Text of the action button in your opt-out message

  2. Click Preview Email to preview your opt-out message.

  3. Specify the number of months to wait for the recipients to open the email before sending the opt-out message.

  4. Select Auto-suppress dormant emails if you want to automatically suppress customers that are tagged as Email Dormant.

Revenue Attribution

Revenue attribution is the time in weeks between when a customer opens an email sent by Marketing Pro and when they book a job with you. Marketing Pro attributes revenue generated by a booked job based on the most recent marketing content received by customers, as long as it falls within the attribution window.

Note: Revenue attribution can be generated not only by booked jobs within the attribution window but also by the calls received from any phone number regarding the same marketing campaign content. Additionally, if there are multiple attribution events within the attribution window across multiple channels, including a postcard, then assign a revenue with the most recent attribution event to the DM campaign. To set time for Revenue Attribution:

  1. Select if you want to have the same attribution window for all marketing channels of your marketing campaign or you want to customize it per channel.

    1. If you select Same for all marketing channels, specify the time frame for the attributed revenue of your marketing campaign for all channels.

    2. If you select Customize per channel, specify the Email and Direct Mail time frame within which revenue is attributed after the recipient opens the marketing campaign content.

Note:  For both Same for all marketing channels and Customize per channel attribution windows, the time frame recommended for attributing revenues is between 12 weeks to 26.

Edit Marketing Pro marketing settings

You can edit, delete, or add marketing setting details to update the campaign:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings settings.png. In the side panel, click Marketing Pro > Marketing.

  2. In the marketing sections, make the updates as needed.

  3. When you’re finished, click Save Changes.

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