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Map ServiceTitan tax zones to QuickBooks Desktop tax rates for CanadaLast updated on 02/28/2023

Map ServiceTitan tax zones to the equivalent tax rates in QuickBooks Desktop to automate sales tax tracking for Canada. This ensures ServiceTitan and QuickBooks use the same rate to calculate sales tax on invoices exported to QuickBooks.

Map ServiceTitan Tax Zones to QuickBooks Tax Rates

Before you begin mapping, make sure you set up tax zones in ServiceTitan and tax rates in QuickBooks.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings icon-settings.png.

  2. In the side panel, click Integrations > QuickBooks Desktop. Settings opens:

  3. Click Edit for Tax Zones Assigned. The connection pop-up opens.

  4. Select the connection that matches your ServiceTitan user name. Map Sales Tax Zones opens.

  5. If you don’t have tax zones created in ServiceTitan, click Import Tax/Items Groups. Tax zones are automatically created based on your QuickBooks Sales Tax items/groups.

  6. Map each ServiceTitan Tax Zone to a QuickBooks Sales Tax item/group by using the QuickBooks Sales Tax dropdown.

    Note: If a QuickBooks Sales Tax Rate is selected more than once, you will see a tax rate under QuickBooks Tax Rate.

    Note: If the name of the ServiceTitan Tax Zone and the QuickBooks Sales Tax item/group are the same, use Auto-Map to quickly map.

  7. Validate that the ServiceTitan Tax Rate displays the same rate as the QuickBooks Tax Rate.

  8. Click Save.

The mapped zones and tax rates are exported to QuickBooks.

Invoices display the applicable taxes:

  • G displays next to a taxable item because the QuickBooks code was mapped to a ServiceTitan tax zone.

  • E displays next to nontaxable items because the QuickBooks code was mapped to a tax exempt ServiceTitan tax zone.

  • The sales tax code (GST) and percentage appear next to the amount of sales tax due, in this case, $25.00.Note: QuickBooks users can also check the ServiceTitan Sales Tax Zone in the item description of the invoice in QuickBooks to confirm both systems calculated the same sales tax.

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