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Map Job TypesLast updated on 02/27/2023

The Job Type Mapping tool is designed to standardize job types in ServiceTitan. For example, if you want to set up a partner integration, such as Google local services Ads, you need to map your customized job types and business units service to ServiceTitan standard job types.

The job type mapping helps to ensure the leads received from marketing vendors are attributed correctly. Also, you can use Job Type Mapping to calculate the capacity and availability of technicians for each job type.

Things to know

  • One-time job type mapping helps to leverage all integrations automatically after the first mapping.

Map job types

To map your custom job types and business units to ServiceTitan’s job types and business units:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings> Integrations > Job Type Mapping.

  2. On the Job Type Mapping screen, if this is your first time integrating click Select Trades. The Trades List pop-up window opens.

  3. Select the trades for your business and click Confirm.

    The selected trades will appear on the Job type mapping page.

  4. Click the trade which you want to map.

  5. For each Standard Job Type, select Your Job Types and Business Unit(s) from the dropdown. Standard Job Types are what appear for your customers to book through each of these integrations. Mapping your job types helps group them to standard job types in each integration. Mapping your business units to standard job types identifies which technicians should be calculated in available capacity. Note: You can choose as many custom job types as you need in addition to more than one BU.

  6. Make sure that all selected trades have Job types and BUs mapped. When you’re finished, click Save Changes. A window confirming the successful job type mapping appears.

  • (Optional) To edit your trades for mapped job types, click Manage Trades.

  • (Optional) You can add and remove trades from your list but you should keep at least one trade. To remove trades, unselect the trades vertical in the list and confirm the changes.

    Note: You can also remove previously selected business units and job types by clicking on the “x” icon next to the Your Job Types or Business Unit(s) names.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.