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Manage the Accounting sectionLast updated on 02/22/2023

You can manage your accounting transactions, accounts receivable (AR), and statements in the Accounting section. This section has a side menu where you can select Batch/Export Transactions or AR Management. In Batch/Export Transactions you can view and manage all your transactions. In AR Management, a table lists your customers with outstanding balances from which you can send statements to customers and collect payment.

Batch and export transactions

Go to the navigation bar and click Accounting to access the Batch/Export Transactions screen. From here you can:

  • View transaction types

  • Create, post, and export batches

  • View summary of transactions

  • Manage exports

View transaction types

Within the Batch/Export Transactions screen, transactions are grouped by transaction type and are collapsible to help you navigate each type. For invoice, payment, and bill transactions you can click download to Excel to download a list of the transactions to your local computer. Also, transactions that are displayed under each transaction type can be sorted by clicking the arrow icons in the column header.

You can use the filters at the top to only display specific transactions.

  • Find a posted batch—Enter batch name or number

  • Quick filter—Enter invoice number or date, customer name, or location

  • Business Units—Select one or more business units

  • Technicians—Select one or more technicians

Create, post, and export batches

In the Batch/Export Transactions screen, you can:

  • Create a new batch

  • Post an existing batch

  • Export a batch

For more on how to perform these actions, see Batch, post, and export transactions.

View summary of transactions

In the Batch/Export Transactions screen, a summary of transactions displays above all the transaction types.

  • Payment types—Sum of each payment type

  • Paid—Sum of all payments

  • Tax—Sum of taxes on all invoices

  • Revenue—Sum of revenue on all invoices

  • Balance—Sum of balance remaining on all invoices

Note: The totals are for all pages for each transaction type.

Manage exports

In the Batch/Export Transactions screen, click the batch activity feed tab on the right side to display batches that are currently being exported, have export attempts, and have successfully exported. Click the X at the top right to collapse the batch activity feed tab.

AR Management

Go to the navigation bar and click Accounting, in the side menu, click AR Management to view a list of customers with outstanding balances. From here you can print and email statements to you customers and collect payment for outstanding balances. For more on AR Management, see Send customer statements and Charge customers for outstanding balance.

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