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Manage technicians on appointments Last updated on 09/16/2022

You can manage technicians on an appointment from the office in the Scheduled Appointments section of the Job Record.

Assign, unassign, or reassign technicians

You can assign your first technician using the quick action button on an appointment card. After that, the quick action button will update to the next likely action. For example, Dispatch and then Arrive.

The bottom of each appointment card shows the technicians assigned to that appointment and their current status. To unassign technicians who are working on an appointment, first mark the appointment as done. To unassign technicians from a completed job, you must cancel their dispatch.

  1. Search for the job.

  2. Go to the Scheduled Appointments section.

  3. Click the More icon-more.png icon.

  4. Click Assign/Unassign.

  5. Select the technician you want to assign or unassign. Note: You can use search to find a technician or scroll down the list. Technicians already assigned to the appointment will have a checkmark next to their name.

    Tip: You can click Edit to do a bulk edit of all the appointments on a job when you want to assign or unassign technicians on multiple appointments. You can also click the Pencil icon-pencil.png icon to assign or unassign using the Technicians dropdown in Edit Appointments or you can use the Assign quick action button on the appointment card if no technicians are assigned to the appointment.

When you update the assigned technician for a job, you can also update the Inventory Location for the job’s invoice items. On the Update Inventory Location? pop-up window that opens, select whether you want to update the inventory location to the new technician for all inventory items on the invoice (Equipment and Materials) or for Materials Only.

Note: If you don’t have inventory items assigned to the invoice for the job, the Update Inventory Location? pop-up window will not appear.

Reassign technicians on the dispatch board

If you need to reassign an appointment to a different technician, you can do that quickly from the dispatch board.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Dispatch.

  2. Click the date on the dispatch board and choose the date of the appointment you want to reassign.

  3. Drag the appointment to the timeline of the technician you want to reassign it to.

  4. Click OK.

Tip: You can also reassign an appointment. Right-click the appointment on the dispatch board or in the Jobs Tray and select Reassign.

Mark a technician as done

When a technician is ready to leave, you can mark them as Done Working. To use this there must be another technician on the same appointment who is still Scheduled, Dispatched, or Working. If it’s not available, use Mark Appointment as Done, or Complete the Job.

  1. Search for the job.

  2. Go to the Scheduled Appointments section.

  3. Click the More More_icon icon.

  4. Select Done Working.

  5. Choose the technician you want to mark as Done.

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