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Manage Marketing Pro AudiencesLast updated on 09/23/2022

The customers receiving your marketing content are the audience of a particular campaign. In Marketing Pro, you can view the audience details and manage the details of the audience members. This helps to better target the people you want to reach, helping you save on marketing costs.

Things to know

  • For a customer with multiple email addresses, without setting email sent preferences,  marketing emails are sent to the first valid email on the list.

Audiences in marketing campaigns

On the Audiences screen, the table provides the following information:

  • Audience name

  • Category—In marketing campaigns, you can categorize the audiences by the goal they are created for. The audience goals in Marketing Pro can be one of the following:

    • Retain—Keep the customers existing in your database.

    • Acquire—Target potential customers you haven’t worked with previously and add them to your user list.

  • The number of customers the audience can reach—You can hover over the Reach icon to see how many emails, mailing addresses, and phone numbers are included in the audience.

    Customers can have more than one email address as part of their customer record. You can change which email address you want to send your marketing content to by going to the customer record and using the Marketing updates toggle. For more information, see Manage customer and service location records.

    Note: If a customer has more than one email address in their record, Marketing Pro will send the marketing content to the first valid email address that has the Marketing Updates toggle enabled.

  • The campaign number to which the audience is added—You can add an audience to more than one marketing campaign. The Campaigns in Use column shows how many campaigns an audience is a part of.

  • Date when the audience was last modified.

Use example audiences

Marketing Pro includes four example audiences to help you get started with Marketing Pro. You can use the example audiences in campaigns, or you can use them to see how to best set up your own audiences.

A set of corresponding example campaigns that use example audiences are also included in Marketing Pro. For more, see Create email campaigns and Create Direct Mail campaigns.

Example audiences include

  • Idle Accounts—Targets customers who haven’t called you or booked a job with you recently

  • Aging Equipment—Targets customers who have older equipment, and haven’t completed a job with you recently

  • Membership Renewal—Targets customers whose membership will expire in four weeks or less

  • Open Estimates—Targets customers who recently had an open estimate with you over a certain dollar amount

Create audiences

When you want to create audiences to target new customers go to Marketing > Audiences, then click Create New. For more information, see Create Audiences.

Edit an audience

You can edit an audience only if you haven’t used it in a campaign or archived it. From the Audiences page, there are two ways to start editing an audience:

  1. Click More more, then select Edit.

  2. Click the Name of the audience, then click Edit in the Audience window. The Audience Builder page opens.

  3. Update the filters and details as necessary.  

  4. When you’re finished, click Continue.

View, clone, and archive an audience
  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Marketing > Audiences.

  2. Hover over an audience name and click More more to:

    1. Select View to see the audience details.

    2. Clone or archive an audience. For more on cloning and archiving, see Manage Marketing Pro functions.

View audience members

Using the Audience Members tab on the Audience page, you can see more details about the customers in the audience list. From the Marketing Pro Dashboard, click Audiences then the Reach icon. The Audience Members tab opens.

Using the Audience Members tab, you can:

  • See the list of all customers included in this audience and their details.

  • Filter the list by Email Addresses to view customer names and email addresses.

  • Click Mailing Addresses to filter and view customer mailing addresses.

  • Click Phones to filter and view customer phone numbers.

  • Click Download CSV to download a CSV file of the audience. The following fields are included in the .CSV file: Customer first name, last name, email address, and the physical address.

    Note: The Download CSV feature is available only to Marketing Pro customers. To upgrade to the full version of Marketing Pro contact

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