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Manage embedded dialer settingsLast updated on 09/14/2022

You can manage embedded dialer settings in Phones Pro to effectively receive and make calls.

Things to know

  • Before you can use the embedded dialer, the administrator on your team needs to set up Phones Pro, including setting up an account for you to use. For more information, see Phones Pro Setup.

Manage embedded dialer settings

  1. Go to the main navigation bar and click Job Booking job-booking.

  2. Click the Phones Pro phones-pro-icon icon to see the embedded dialer.

The dialer displays your name and phone number, the most recent calls you have made, and your status.

Click the Media Settings media-settings icon to configure and test your audio and troubleshoot any audio issues you might have.

Click the Home home-icon icon to return to the Phones Pro screen.

Manage contact with a phone number

In the Recent or Favorites tab, click a phone number to view your call history, block the number, or mark the number as spam.

Note: When you click Add contact, it does NOT add the number to a customer record or create a customer record. Instead, click + New customer on the Job Booking screen to add a customer. For more information, see Add a new customer.

Set your status

Note: If you miss a call, your status is automatically set to Off Duty. Any calls that come in after that are sent to another CSR so that no calls are missed while you are away. You can stay Off Duty or change your status back to Available.

When you are available and ready to take calls, go to the Call Centers dropdown and ensure your status is Available.

If you can’t or don’t want to take calls, choose Off Duty instead.

Manage call centers

Click Manage to see your call center settings.

Set your phone visibility preferences

Click the Wrench wrench-icon icon to see your phone preferences.

From the Phone Preferences section, you can set up your account to automatically enable or disable the embedded phone and collapse or expand it by default. Tip: You should only disable the embedded phone if you have chosen and set up a physical phone or the Dialpad app instead of using the embedded dialer.

Manage Phones Pro settings

Click the dropdown arrow next to your user icon to view your Phones Pro settings.

Your default caller ID is the number set up for you while the other number is the main company number.

Toggle Do Not Disturb to send all incoming calls to voicemail. You can set a timer for Do Not Disturb. Tip: You can’t set a reason for Do Not Disturb, so set yourself as Off Duty. To learn how to set yourself to Off Duty, see Set your status.

Click App Settings to manage notification sounds for calls and messages and settings for your microphone and speaker/headset.

Click Account Settings to access advanced settings for your embedded dialer.

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Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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