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View a customer's recurring service eventsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Recurring events are regularly scheduled service visits typically included with memberships. Events include service and customer details to help you efficiently book them into jobs.

Things to know

  • Recurring services are packages of services, like maintenance visits or routine inspections, that are scheduled to occur at a set frequency.

  • Recurring events are individual service visits that are automatically scheduled based on recurring service settings.

  • The date of a recurring event let’s you know when to schedule a service. You set the actual service date when you book the event into a job.

View recurring events in Follow Ups

The Recurring Service Event screen of Follow Ups is where you can view and filter upcoming recurring service events. From there, you can contact customers and book recurring service events into jobs.

View recurring events for a service location

Recurring events are attached to a customer’s service location. You can open a service location record by finding the service location from the Call Booking screen or by searching by location.

In the service location record, scroll down to the Recurring events section. Click on a recurring event to open the Recurring Service Event record. There, you can edit event details.

View recurring events in custom reports

You can run reports on recurring events using the Recurring Services - Upcoming Appointments custom report template. For more, see Create custom reports.

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