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Look up estimatesLast updated on 03/22/2022

In ServiceTitan, there are many ways to find estimates so you can, among other things, follow up on an opportunity or book a job for a sold estimate.

Use the Follow Up screen to view estimates

In the top navigation bar, click Follow Up to view Unsold Estimates and Sold Estimates.

Search for estimates

In the navigation bar, click Search then use the dropdown to select Estimate

Enter any information about the estimate you are looking for in the Filters then click Search.

Note: If you do not have information on the estimate you want, you can perform a search with the filter fields empty to call up all of your estimates.

Run the Opportunity and Estimate Follow Up Report

You can run or schedule the Opportunity and Estimate Follow Up Report. This report provides a detailed breakdown of all of your estimates, and which estimates require follow-up. You may click into any opportunity, estimate, or customer record directly from the report.

Common uses for this report

  • See unsold estimates that might not be visible on the Follow Up screen.

  • Follow up on recommended estimates

  • See if there are any recommended estimates that remain open / unsold.

View estimates on the customer or location record

On customer and location records, you will see Estimates. This section will list all estimates created for that customer or location. You will see the total, status, and sold by credit for each estimate.

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