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Limit the number of dispatch notificationsLast updated on 03/22/2022

View or edit dispatch notifications settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Customer Notifications.

  2. Click into Dispatch Notifications.

  3. Click the Settings tab.

  4. You will have two dispatch notifications options: Send dispatch notification for every tech dispatch or Limit dispatch notifications when multiple techs are dispatched (recommended setting). See below for more info.

  5. If you've made changes, make sure to click Save.

Dispatch notifications settings options

Send dispatch notifications for every tech dispatch

A dispatch notification will be sent every time a tech is dispatched to the job location. This means that if there are multiple technicians working at a job site, the customer will receive a notification for each and every technician dispatched. If you often have multiple technicians working at a job site, you may not want this option, since it will result in too many notifications sent to the customer.

- or -

Limit dispatch notifications when techs are dispatched

The customer will receive only one notification when the first technician is dispatched to the job location for the day. This means that in most cases, the customer will only get one dispatch notification per day. Note: If the technician(s) working at the job site clock out or are done working for the day, and then you dispatch another technician to the job site later that day, the customer will receive another dispatch notification in this case.

Once you’ve chosen a setting, make sure to click Save.

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