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Use customer leadsLast updated on 09/14/2022

Customer leads allow you to save information about incoming inquiries that don’t immediately turn into jobs. Saved leads give you the opportunity to follow up on these inquiries and book jobs from them.

Things to know

  • Before you start using leads, make sure that an administrator has created Call Reason codes that are appropriately marked as a lead or not a lead. For more on how to set up a call reason, see Set up a Call Reason as a lead vs. not a lead.

  • Leads don’t work with chats.

  • To prevent leads that have actually been converted to a job from remaining open, make sure to book the related job through the lead screen.

  • If you cancel a job that has been booked through a lead, make sure to change that lead's status back to Open, if applicable. Canceling a job that has been booked through a lead doesn’t automatically change that lead's status back to Open.

  • Dismissed leads can be manually converted back to Open status.

  • When you try to convert a lead by booking a job from the Calls screen but you don't book the job, make sure to select a reason code that isn’t a lead. This prevents you from creating another lead from that lead.

Create a lead

  1. In ServiceTitan, go to the navigation bar and click Calls.

  2. Click on the booking, incoming call bubble, or manual call that you want to use to create the lead. To learn more about making or answering calls, see Incoming and Outbound Calls. For more about bookings, see Manage bookings.

  3. Search for and click the correct location.

    If the customer or location isn't in ServiceTitan, add them. To learn more on how to do this, see Add a new customer.

  4. Add the marketing campaign to the job details.

  5. If you're creating a lead from a manual or incoming call, close the call bubble.

  6. If it's a booking, on the Booking page that opens, click Dismiss.

    1. In the pop-up window that opens, confirm that you want to close the call or dismiss the booking. Select a call reason that serves as a lead. Select Follow up call as the reason if you want the lead to be open. If you choose not to log a follow up, the lead will be created in Dismissed status.

    2. If you haven’t already done so, select a campaign and add any relevant details to the Summary box.

  7. Click SUBMIT & CLOSE to create a lead.

Leads without customers and locations

When you want to close most calls that are leads, select a location. However, there are some situations where you might want to close out a call without selecting a location.


  • You aren’t able to convince a potential customer who calls you to book a job because they want an exact price quote over the phone. They are still interested and are a valid lead, but you don’t know the location for the potential job.

  •  A customer might want a call back but doesn’t want to give out their address.

When you close out a call without selecting a location, the call reasons screen may remind you that you haven’t selected a location, but you can still close out.

View leads

You can view created leads together or individually.

View all leads

The leads section can be found under Follow Up. Use this list of leads to periodically review all of them and see if you can convert them into jobs.

  1. In ServiceTitan, go to the navigation bar and click Follow Up follow-up.

  2. Under the Follow Ups menu, click Leads.

Open leads are displayed.

When you view leads using the Follow Up seciton, you can filter your view of open leads by business unit, campaign, start date, and end date.

After filtering so that only the leads you want to see are listed, sort the list of leads by clicking the headers.

View a lead

Individual leads can be found through the leads section under the Follow Up section. You can also find them using search. Click on a lead to take action on that lead.

From the individual lead, you can dismiss the lead, add follow-up notes, schedule a follow-up, click to call the customer, or convert the lead.

The status of the lead is at the top:

  • Open — No job has been booked directly from this specific lead

  • Converted — A job has been booked directly from this specific lead

  • Dismissed — Either the lead has been dismissed directly from the specific lead or no follow-up was logged from the Calls screen

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