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View report and KPI matching in KPI MatrixLast updated on 03/22/2022

The KPI Matrix gives you insight into key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand which match and which don't across reporting. This lets you know which columns you can reconcile for your reporting needs. You can access the matrix from any report in ServiceTitan.

Things to know

Only 20 legacy reports are represented in the matrix, and we'll be adding more soon. The reports include:

  • Campaign Summary Report

  • Technician Performance Board Report

  • Call Center Performance Summary Report

  • Sales Tracking Report

  • Daily Huddle Report

  • Sold by Performance Board Report

  • Technician Performance Board (M) Report

  • Sales Tracking Report by Detail

  • Opportunity and Estimate Follow Up Report

  • Sold By Sales Detail Report by Completion

  • Upcoming Jobs Report

  • Consolidated KPI Report

  • Technician Sales Detail by Completion Report

  • Job Completed Detail Report

  • Failed Transaction Report

  • Customer by Service Spend History Report

  • Call Center Performance by CSR Report

  • Technician Dispatch Report

  • Invoice Detail by Date Report

  • Technician Dispatch (Summary) Report

View KPI matching for a report

  1. Go the navigation bar and click Reports.

  2. For legacy reports, click the Legacy tab if it’s not already selected. For custom reports, click Reports 2.0.

  3. Click the name of the report you want to view or use. The report opens.

  4. At the top of the report, click icon.png. The KPI Matrix opens. If the content of the report has been added to the matrix, it will automatically open with that report selected. To view a different report, click the dropdown and select the report you want to view. The table shows matching information along with the name of the report. This is how the matrix works: Standard KPIs and definitions are on the left side panel. The green check mark means the report KPI matches the definition; yellow exclamation mark means the report KPI partially matches the definition; and the red exclamation mark means the report KPI does not match the definition.

  5. To view details about how each KPI is calculated, click the Show Details toggle to blue at the top right side of the screen. The blue tag tells you if the report calls the KPI something different than the standard definition on the left panel. To view the full workflow, watch below.

    To turn off details, switch the toggle to gray.

  6. To exit from the matrix, click the back arrow in the browser.

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