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Edit job informationLast updated on 12/06/2022

If the CSR or dispatcher didn't capture all the relevant information when booking the job, or additional information about the job came to light after the job was booked, you can add that information to the job by editing it.

Things to know

  • If you are editing a job to convert it into a lead, but the job doesn't show up when you search for it, it's likely that the job has already been used as the recall on another job.

  • When you update a job’s business unit, it will automatically update the business unit for every PO attached to that job.

  • If the job's invoice is in a Posted status, you must first unpost the batch as it has to return the invoice to a Pending status before you can edit the bill-to customer on the job.

  • If the job's invoice is in an Exported status, you can’t edit the bill-to customer on the job.

Common use cases

  • A customer calls in with a small issue that has escalated to a bigger problem. In this case, you want to change the priority level of the job.

  • The job is a lead but was accidentally booked from the Call Booking screen. In this case, you can check the box to convert it into a lead.

  • After the job was booked, the customer called back, having remembered that the person who will be answering the door for the job is a visiting friend and wanting to let you know that it was okay for the guest to do so. This is good information for the technician and should be added to the job summary or notes.

  • A customer with multiple service locations on their account accidentally had the job booked for the wrong location. You can change the location of the job for a customer with multiple locations.

Edit job information

  1. From the job screen, click the pencil to edit the job information.

  2. When are you done making changes, click Save.

  3. From the Edit Job page, edit or add any information associated with the job.

  4. When are you done making changes, click Save.

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