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Job record overviewLast updated on 04/19/2023

The job record contains all of the relevant information for a job, including the job type, service location, billing information, any timesheets for the job, and much more.

Use a job record

You can use the job record to see the job’s history, enable or disable job notifications, manage appointments, and much more.

From the job record, you can:

  • Click the Job Actions dropdown to:

    • Complete Job

    • Hold All Appointments or Remove Hold

    • Cancel or Remove Cancellation

    • Recall

    • Warranty

    • Lead

    • Add an Estimate

    • Log Task

    • Purchase Order

    • Take Survey

    • Timesheets

    • Create project

  • Click the Copy icon to copy the job’s name, number, type, location, and link to the job to the clipboard.

  • View the Service Location, Bill To, and Job Summary sections to see information about the location and customer. Click Edit to update this information.

  • Click Edit at the top of a job record to edit the job. You can edit the job's tags, BU, skills, priority level, and more. For more on editing jobs, see Edit job information.

  • View the Estimate section to see estimates for the job. You can also click View Opportunity to see the opportunity follow-up for the job.

  • Click View Timesheets to review timesheets for the job.

  • Click a technician's name to start a meal, send them a message, call them, or send them job details. Note: When calling a technician from a job record, the call won’t be recorded and cannot be listened to by anyone else on your team. Also, you can only call technicians with a confirmed phone number.

  • Manage appointments on the job by adding appointments, editing or rescheduling appointments, assigning or unassigning technicians, dispatching or canceling a dispatch, arriving a technician on a job, moving a technician to Done Working, marking an entire appointment Done, and confirming an appointment.

If you have more than 3 appointments, you can filter appointments by status:

  • Scheduled

  • Dispatched

  • Working

  • Done

  • Hold

  • Canceled

  • Unused

Note: Only statuses that exist on the job are active.

If you have more than 3 appointments, you can sort appointments from the oldest to the newest.

If there are more than 3 appointments, you can jump to a specific date of an appointment for office jobs.

  • Select the Paperclip icon to add attachments.

  • Click the Download or Trash Can icon while hovering over a photo to download or delete it.

  • Click the Selection box while hovering over a photo or video to select it, after which you can download or delete each selected photo or video. You can also click Select All to select all media for the job.

  • Click directly on an image or video to expand it. Click the Arrows to see the next or previous media. You can also click Edit to rename the file.

  • Click All, Events, Calls, Notes, Files, and Email to view details about the job’s history. Note: When a custom field is updated for a job or project, you can find a record of this in the job’s history or the project’s audit trail.

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