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View job historyLast updated on 03/22/2022

Viewing the history of a job is helpful when office employees need context about what services and appointments have been applied to or scheduled for a job.

Things to know

  • Job history and audit trail are used interchangeably in ServiceTitan.

  • Job history displays all activities related to a job, including who scheduled the dispatch and when, and when a payment or invoice was added or posted.

Find the job history

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Search icon-search.png.

  2. Select Job and enter a job number in the Job number... field.

  3. Click Search icon-search.png.

  4. Click the job you want. There are tabs for different components of the job history you can view. To access, click each:

    • All—Includes everything in the job history

    • Events—Job actions listing when the job was booked, who assigned the technicians, when technicians were dispatched, who did the dispatch, when a credit card (ACH) was added, and when a signature was added

    • Calls—Incoming and outgoing calls

    • Notes—Notes created for the job with pinned notes appearing at the top

    • Files—View, edit, email, print, or complete any form. In the Forms section, hover over rows and click Create to create a form.

    • Email—Emails attached to the job

    • Chat—Chat log attached to the job

Note:To listen to a call in the Calls tab, hover over any call and click play. To remove the call from this tab, click detach.

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