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Enter job detailsLast updated on 11/30/2022

When booking a job, take the time to ensure each detail about the job is entered correctly, both by listening to them carefully and checking their location using Map It. When job details accurately reflect what your customers want, it's easier for dispatchers to make smart decisions, and enables your technicians to give customers the best possible experience.

Things to know

  • When setting the priority level for a job, be sure not to set all of them as High or Urgent. If all jobs are set to High or Urgent, the ones that are genuinely High or Urgent priority will not stand out from the others. Most jobs should be set to Normal.

  • At many businesses, customer service representatives (CSRs) book jobs without assigning technicians to them, and dispatchers later assign technicians to jobs. You do not have to assign technicians to a job in order to book the job.

  • There may be additional fields on your business’s version of the Job Booking screen. If you have any questions about these custom fields, contact the administrator on your team.

  • Depending on your settings, you may see the Build Estimate button at the bottom of your job booking screen. To learn more, see Build and sell an estimate from the Job Booking screen.

  • If you have a default job summary that autofills after you've selected the job type, the job summary field in Job Booking adapts to the length of that summary.

  • You can configure your account to require that only BUs matching the customer's ZIP Code can be chosen on the Job Booking screen. To enable this feature, please contact your success or implementation manager.

  • If you have a default job summary that autofills after you’ve selected the job type, the job summary field in Job Booking adapts to the length of that summary.

Enter job details

  1. Select the job type and business unit.

  2. Add the date and time for the job.

  3. Click Calendar to view the Schedule Board if you want check availability for a certain time and/or date.

  4. Choose a marketing campaign.

    Note: The correct marketing campaign will automatically be selected if the job is being booked from an incoming call where the customer called one of your campaign tracking numbers. You can also manually choose another campaign if that is more accurate.

  5. Mark the priority level for the job. Most will be Normal.

  6. If applicable, assign a technician or technicians to the job.

  7. Add tags to the job and a brief summary for the job.

  8. If you want to add equipment to the job at this stage, click Attach Equipment. Note: This feature requires account configuration. See Set up ability to attach equipment to a job for details.

  9. When you are done, click Book Job.

Attach equipment to a job

When entering job details, you can add equipment to the job. Note: Account configuration is required to use this feature. Contact your ServiceTitan administrator to enable this job booking preference.

To attach equipment when booking a job:

  1. After you’ve added the customer or location information and details about the job, click Attach Equipment.

    The Equipment window opens displaying equipment that has been previously installed for the location. 

  2. Select equipment to add to the job.

  3. Click Attach to add the equipment to the job. The Equipment window closes. 

  4. Equipment linked to the job appears under the Attach Equipment button. To remove the equipment, click the X.

Use Map It to make efficient booking decisions

While entering job details, you can click the Map It button to open Maps 2.0, to get more context about the caller’s location and make smarter booking decisions.

Entering certain types of information before you click Map It will automatically filter the map:

  • Business Unit—The map will display only technicians and other booked jobs for the business unit you select.

  • Job Type—If the job type has a required skill level, the map will only show technicians with the required skill level.

  • Start Date—If you enter a date, the map is set to Daily Routes mode, and will show only other jobs for the date you enter.

When you click Map It, the map automatically zooms in and shows the caller’s location as a red telephone icon. You can also any other technicians and jobs that meet your filter selections.

Hover over a job to see details about the job.

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