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Inventory Replenishment Report GuideLast updated on 03/22/2022

Purpose of the Inventory Replenishment Report:

This report provides a list of materials (inventory items) used by technicians in the field. Data is based on job completion dates.

Common uses for this report:

  • Use this report to view technician name, item code, description of the material item, and quantity of items used.

How to find this report:

Click Reports > Search Inventory Replenishment > Click the report name. Then you will be able to set filters and run the report.

Report filters

Date Range

Filter by date range. Use the From and To fields to set a custom date range.

Business Unit

Filter by business unit. This report can be run by a single business unit or all business units.


Filter by technician. This report can be run by a single technician or all technicians.

View or download the report

Click Search to view the report.

The report can be exported in two different formats:

  • Export to Excel (*.xlsx) (click the dropdown arrow next to Search)

  • Export to Comma separated (*.csv) (click the dropdown arrow next to Search)

Click Clear to reset the report filters.

Explanation of report columns

The report includes the following columns:

(Report columns)


Technician who used the material item(s). This is the technician attached to the invoice at the time the material item was added. If more than one technician is assigned to a job, only the name of the first technician assigned to the job will display.


Code for the material item from the Pricebook.


Description of the material item from the Pricebook.


Quantity of the material item used.

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