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Enable inventory tracking for equipment and materialLast updated on 10/28/2022

Activate inventory tracking

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Pricebook.

  2. From the side menu, select Materials or Equipment depending on the type of item you want to track.

  3. Select the item you want to activate.

  4. From the Actions dropdown field, select View/Edit Material or Equipment.

  5. On the Edit Material or Equipment page that opens, click the Inventory Settings tab.

  6. Select the I understand that once tracking is activated, I cannot deactivate tracking for this item option.

  7. From the Asset Account dropdown field, select the asset account you want, for example, Accounts Payables. Note: The Assets Account dropdown field only appears if you use Quickbooks Desktop.

  8. Click Activate Inventory Tracking. If the item you want to activate is included on pending transactions, the Create inventory item popup appears, which states that ServiceTitan will create a new inventory item and deactivate the old item.

  9. Select an option if you want to update pending transactions with the new item, then click Create.

ServiceTitan creates a new item and deactivates the old item. The new item's code is the same as the old item's code except the new code starts with “I-" such as “I-11K49G.”

Inventory tracking is now enabled for the new item.

The Open Transactions pop-up appears if the inventory tracking start date has passed and the item has been used on a transaction regardless whether it has been exported or not. The pop-up shows the impact that activating the item has on all open transactions associated with the item.

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