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Answer incoming callsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Answering incoming calls correctly ensures that you attach call records to the right customer, location, and job.

Things to know

  • Every time the phone rings in your office, a red icon appears next to the Calls icon in the navigation. The number in the bubble will vary depending on the number of calls happening at the same time.

  • Be sure to click the green call bubble every time you answer an incoming call. If you do not click the green call bubble when you answer a call, the call will be classified as abandoned. When a call has been abandoned, it will not be attached to the appropriate customer or relevant job. Any abandoned calls will also be excluded from CSR conversion rates, call reporting, and any other call-related reporting.

  • If you work in a busy call center, you may see several incoming calls on the Call Booking screen at once. Click on them one at a time and move between them without losing your work. Be sure to toggle between multiple calls within the same browser window. To avoid losing your work, do not open multiple calls in multiple windows or tabs. To learn more, see Transfer calls and switch between calls.

  • Green call bubbles only appear for calls that come from numbers that have been ported over to ServiceTitan. If you have not ported over a phone number, any calls made to it won't trigger a green call bubble.

  • If you’re using a smaller screen, like a tablet, laptop, or monitor, the call panel collapses to give you more room to work. Click the Menu icon to expand the Booking panel.

Answer an incoming call

  1. Answer the phone, and then click the Calls icon to get to the Call Booking screen.

  2. On the Call Booking screen, click the green incoming call bubble that matches the caller ID for the customer who is on the phone with you.

    If no caller ID is available, ask the customer to identify themselves to ensure that you click the correct bubble.

  3. While on the call with the customer, you can confirm that their information is correct in the system, update their information, book a job, take a payment, and check on their membership status.

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