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Export your Housecall Pro dataLast updated on 03/22/2022

If you’re migrating your business data from Housecall Pro, you can get started with ServiceTitan faster by exporting and then importing your data to ServiceTitan during onboarding. Instead of manually reentering information about your customers and jobs, ServiceTitan can automate this process for you, saving you time and money.

To import your Housecall Pro data into ServiceTitan, first export two reports from Housecall Pro:

  • Customers report—Data about your customers. Includes details like customer names, their contact information, and notes you’ve made about them. Exported report filename: customers.xlsx.

  • Jobs data report—Data about your existing jobs. Includes details like invoice numbers, the customer for whom the job was performed, line items, and more. Exported report filename: jobs.xlsx.

Things to know

  • If you have multiple addresses on file for some of your customers, your exported customers report will include additional sets of address columns.

Export the customers report

  1. In Housecall Pro, go to the Customers tab.

  2. Click Moreicon-more-horiz.png and select Download customer list from the dropdown.

  3. Choose Send me the file and enter your email address.

  4. Go to your email Inbox, open the message from Housecall Pro, and download customers.xlsx.

Export the jobs report

  1. In Housecall Pro, go to the dashboard and click SEE ALL JOBS.

  2. Set the Date Range filter to when you first started using Housecall Pro to today's (current) date.

  3. In Table Columns, select all items.

  4. Click the Excel icon to download jobs.xlsx.

Housecall Pro report columns

When importing Housecall Pro data into ServiceTitan, the columns in each XLSX file must be in the order listed below. If you receive an error when importing your data, verify that the spreadsheet columns appear in the correct order.

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Mobile Number

  4. Email

  5. Company

  6. Job Title

  7. Work Number

  8. Tags

  9. Notes

  10. ID

  11. Address_1 Street Line 1

  12. Address_1 Street Line 2

  13. Address_1 City

  14. Address_1 State

  15. Address_1 Postal Code

  16. Address_1 Billing?

  17. Address_1 Notes

  18. Address_1 Street Line 1

  19. Address_1 Street Line 2

  20. Address_1 City

  21. Address_1 State

  22. Address_1 Postal Code

  23. Address_1 Billing?

  24. Address_1 Notes

  1. Invoice

  2. HCP Id

  3. Created At

  4. Date

  5. End Time

  6. Travel Duration

  7. On Job Duration

  8. Total Duration

  9. Customer

  10. First Name

  11. Last Name

  12. Email

  13. Company

  14. Mobile Phone

  15. Home Phone

  16. Customer Tags

  17. Address

  18. Street

  19. Street Line 2

  20. City

  21. State

  22. Zip

  23. Description

  24. Line Items

  25. Amount

  26. Labor

  27. Materials

  28. Subtotal

  29. Payment History

  30. Credit Card Fee

  31. Paid Amount

  32. Due

  33. Discount

  34. Tax

  35. Taxable Amount

  36. Tax rate

  37. Job Tags

  38. Notes

  39. Employee

  40. Job Status

  41. Finished

  42. Payment

  43. Invoice Sent

  44. Window

  45. HC Job

  46. Tip Amount

  47. Online Booking Source

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