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Export your FieldEdge dataLast updated on 01/12/2023

If you’re migrating your business data from FieldEdge, you can get started with ServiceTitan faster by exporting and then importing your data to ServiceTitan during onboarding. Instead of manually reentering information about your business, ServiceTitan can automate this process for you, saving you time and money.

To import your FieldEdge data into ServiceTitan, first export five reports from FieldEdge:

  • Customers report: Data about your customers. Includes details like customer names and contact information. Exported filename: CustomerList.xlsx.

  • Dispatching report: Data about dispatching. Includes details like the customer for whom the dispatch was made, the work order number, and its completion status. Exported filename: DispatchList.xlsx.

  • Invoices report: Data about your invoices. Includes details like the customer billed, the total amount of the invoice, and the technician who performed the associated job. Exported filename: InvoiceList.xlsx.

  • Quotes report: Data about quotes you’ve given customers. Includes details like the customer for whom the quote was given, the status of the quote, and the amount of the quote. Exported filename: QuoteList.xlsx.

  • Equipment report: Data about equipment. Includes details like the customer who has the equipment, and the manufacturer, model number, and serial number of the equipment. Exported filename: EquipmentList.xlsx.

Export customers, dispatching, invoices, and quotes reports

To export each report from FieldEdge:

  • Customers: Click the Customers tab in FieldEdge, and then click Export.

  • Dispatching: Click the Dispatching tab in FieldEdge, and then click Export

  • Invoices:  Click the Invoices tab in FieldEdge, and then click Export. Note: Prior to exporting, make sure you set all the filters at the top to All. This ensures you export all invoice data instead of just the previous 6 months of invoice data. 

  • Quotes:  Click the Quotes tab in FieldEdge, and then click Export.

Export equipment list report

In FieldEdge, go to Reports > Customer Reports > Equipment List and click Export. If prompted, select to download an Excel file or a spreadsheet to import your information.

FieldEdge report columns

When importing FieldEdge data into ServiceTitan, the columns in each XLSX file must be in the order listed below. If you receive an error when importing your data, verify that the spreadsheet columns appear in the correct order.

  1. Name

  2. Address

  3. Phone

  4. Email

  5. Active

  6. Last

  7. First

  8. Middle

  9. Company

  10. Address 1

  11. Address 2

  12. City

  13. State

  14. Zip

  15. Full Name

  1. Customer

  2. WO#

  3. PO#

  4. Task (Duration)

  5. Status

  6. Promised Appointment

  7. Schedule Date/Time

  8. Tech

  9. Address 1

  10. Address 2

  11. Arrival

  12. Complete

  13. Priority

  14. Est Complete

  15. Primary Phone

  16. Primary Email

  17. Lead Source

  18. City

  19. State

  20. Zip

  1. Customer

  2. WO #

  3. PO #

  4. Original Quote WO #

  5. Invoice #

  6. Date

  7. Due Date

  8. Total

  9. Due

  10. Technician

  11. Sales Person

  12. Address 1

  13. Address 2

  14. City

  15. State

  16. Zip

  17. Lead Source

  18. Primary Phone

  19. Primary Email

  20. Task

  21. Customer Acquired Through

  22. Customer Type

  23. Customer Since

  1. Customer

  2. Quote #

  3. Date

  4. Status

  5. Expiration

  6. Amount

  7. Balance

  8. Sales Person

  9. Address 1

  10. Address 2

  11. City

  12. State

  13. Zip

  14. Primary Phone

  15. Primary Email

  16. Lead Source

  17. Task

  18. Resulting WO

  1. Customer

  2. Address

  3. Equip. Name

  4. Manufacturer

  5. Model

  6. Serial #

  7. Equip. Type

  8. Install

  9. Parts Warranty

  10. Labor Warranty

  11. Replace Date

  12. Primary Email

  13. Primary Phone

  14. Address 1

  15. Address 2

  16. City

  17. State

  18. Zip

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