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Evaluate employees using the Voice Intelligence Call SummaryLast updated on 03/22/2022

With the Voice Intelligence (Vi) call summary, you can easily evaluate and provide feedback to your team members on their performance.

Vi call summary permissions

When using Voice Intelligence, you have one or more of the following permissions:

  • Company Administrators—View all call records and access automatic recordings and Vi call summaries for all department, call center, and coaching team calls.

  • Office Administrators—View all call records for calls within the office and access automatic recordings and Vi call summaries for all main line, department, call center, and coaching team calls.

  • Department and Call Center Administrators—View all call records within their respective departments or call centers and access automatic recordings and Vi call summaries.

  • Coaching Team Coaches—View all call records for their trainees and access automatic recordings and Vi call summaries.

  • Users—View all their own personal calls and access personal call recordings; they can also access Vi call summaries for these calls. If users are part of a coaching team as trainees, their coaches can access automatic recordings and Vi call summaries for their calls.

View call details

  1. In Dialpad, identify the call in a conversation thread and select View Call Details.

    Dialpad launches the call review in your web browser.

View call history

  1. In Dialpad, go to Call History.

  2. Select Vi for the call you want to view. Dialpad opens the call review in a separate window.

Title bar

The title bar contains basic call information like contact phone numbers or name, call date and time, and call duration.

This section also contains basic information related to the call as well as access to additional controls.

You can view the contact's name or entire number, the call date and time, and the duration of the call.

Moment list

A moment is a unique and interesting part of a call, something that might help you understand a customer or coach an agent.

Clicking on a moment will:

  • Scroll the transcript to the section where that moment was mentioned

  • Highlight that moment in a color matching the moment color in the list

  • The words that triggered the moment to be captured will be bolded for easy identification

  • Give you the option to rate if the moment was helpful or not

Moments allow you to view call highlights by assigning the action item from the call review. Anyone who is assigned an action item receives an email and Dialbot alert. You can edit, delete, and add action items. You can also share call highlights.

Moment definitions

The current list of Dialpad moments available are:

  • Action Item—A single clearly defined task to be completed after the call/meeting, usually assigned to an individual or small group. Example: "I will send the information to you tomorrow"

  • Address— Anyone mentions an address of a physical location or building

  • Call Recording Notification—The agent notifies the customer that the call is being recorded

  • Competitor— A customer mentions a competitor defined in your company dictionary

  • Currency—The customer or agent mentions a dollar amount or an amount in another currency. Example: “That costs $100.”

  • Date—The customer or agent mentions a specific date. Example: “Let’s meet December 10, 2020.”

  • Time—The customer or agent mentions a specific time of day. Example: “Let’s meet at 1:30 PM.”

  • Email Address—when anyone mentions an email address

  • Interesting Question—Any interesting question asked on a call. Example: “Can we meet tomorrow at 4:00?”

  • Call Purpose—He caller states why they are calling; example: "I'm calling today to see if I can get my windows washed"

  • Negative Sentiment—The customer says something generally negative.

  • Positive Sentiment—The customer says something generally positive.

  • Phone Number—Identifies when anyone mentions a phone number

  • Recommendation—Marks where a Real-Time Assist popped up on a call

  • Snippet—Marks a Snippet saved by an agent during a call

  • Support Defective—The customer mentions that the product or service is defective.

  • Support Issue Resolved—The customer indicates that their problem has been solved.

  • Swearing—Identified when anyone uses profanity; example: "that's bullshit"


At the bottom of the transcription, select a 1-5 star rating for transcript accuracy. These ratings are submitted to the Dialpad team for systems improvement.

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