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TitanAdvisor: Prepare to LaunchLast updated on 09/13/2022

After you complete Jumpstart, TitanAdvisor: Prepare to Launch guides you through setting up required features and completing the required training in preparation for a successful ServiceTitan launch.

Things to know

  • Prepare to Launch customizes the TitanAdvisor features you need to complete based on the details you entered during Jumpstart.

  • When you complete setting up the required TitanAdvisor features and your team completes their ServiceTitan Academy training, you’re ready to launch.

  • Prepare to Launch is only available for users who haven’t gone live yet. Once you’ve gone live, you can still access training features, assign courses, and follow your team’s training progress

  • After your account goes live, TitanAdvisor continues to personalize feature recommendations to help grow your business and achieve ServiceTitan mastery. For more, see TitanAdvisor overview.

  • Users are auto-enrolled into ServiceTitan Academy courses based on their company position. It can be set or updated in employee and technician settings as soon as they get created or roles are updated. This determines what courses appear in the training views and the % tracking.

Open Prepare to Launch

After you complete Jumpstart, when you sign in to ServiceTitan, a widget appears on the Modular Dashboard showing your Prepare to Launch progress.

Note: The widget remains on the Modular Dashboard until you launch. If it’s blocking the dashboard, click and drag the widget to move it out of the way.

To open Prepare to Launch, click the badge or click the Rocket icon in the navigation bar. TitanAdvisor: Prepare to Launch opens.

TitanAdvisor stages

The progress bar at the top of the screen shows you where you are on your TitanAdvisor journey. Prepare to Launch guides you through the first stage until your account goes live.

Go live details

The Go Live section shows the date your account is scheduled to go live and your implementation specialist’s contact details. New progress trend chart shows percentage completion of required feature setup and enrolled training courses across the company.

Implementation Specialist and Upcoming Events

Your Implementation Specialist and their contact information is listed in this section. You can also schedule a meeting with them by clicking Book 1:1 Meeting.

The Upcoming Events section lists upcoming meetings or trainings. You can hover over the event to see its details, or click View All to view a monthly calendar of upcoming events.

Explore TitanAdvisor features

Prepare to Launch assigns TitanAdvisor features that are best suited to get your company up and running with ServiceTitan. Features are divided into sections:

  • Training—Shows your training progress, and all the courses you are they’re enrolled in from in ServiceTitan. For more on this feature, see Track training progress.

  • Fundamentals—Features to help import your data and get started with basic ServiceTitan workflows

  • Lead Generation—Features to help market your company and generate new business

  • Selling & Performing Work—Features to help you maximize sales and streamline workflows

  • Pricebook—Features to help you build and organize your pricebook. Items on estimates and invoices come from your pricebook, including the services you offer, materials, and the equipment you install. 

  • Accounting—Features to facilitate billing, payments, and other accounting needs 

  • Payroll & Admin—Features for setting up your timesheets, payroll, operations, and reporting

To explore a feature:

  1. From the TitanAdvisor: Prepare to Launch page, click Expand move downfor the section you want to view. Note: The Fundamentals section is always open by default unless everything in it is completed. 

    The section expands showing the features and your progress in setting up each feature.

  2. Click a TitanAdvisor feature to open it.

    The feature opens in a pop-up.

  3. Review the feature:

  • About—The About section explains how the feature works and how it can help your business. Hover over the icons next to About to see the affected business goals. The icon in the upper right corner lists the customer types the feature applies to. The section also lists Affected KPIs, the key performance indicators you can expect to see improved after using the feature.

  • What to set up—These are the setup checkpoints, which are the tasks you need to complete before you can use the feature. Each checkpoint includes a description as well as the success criteria for completing the checkpoint.

4. Each setup checkpoint includes a button:

  • Learn More—Opens a detailed article explaining how to set up the feature

  • Get Started—Opens the section of ServiceTitan where you can set up the feature.

Track training progress

Before your go-live date, after completing TitanAdvisor features, make sure your office employees and technicians complete their ServiceTitan Academy training. Individuals are enrolled in courses based on their company role.

You can view your training progress and all the courses you’re enrolled in from within ServiceTitan, without leaving ServiceTitan or navigating through Academy. When you click a lesson, it opens Academy directly.

Note: Status and progress data for training updates every five minutes.

To track your or your team’s training progress:

  1. In TitanAdvisor: Prepare to Launch page, click View Team Training or Start My Training.

  2. Review your progress and the courses you’re taking.

  3. Review the progress of your team.

    You can also search, sort, and filter by name, company position, and business unit.

  4. To manage enrollments for any user on the team, click Manage Courses.

You are navigated to ServiceTitan Academy where you can view and manage your courses.

Want to learn more?

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.