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Customer PortalLast updated on 09/23/2022

The Customer Portal is a web portal where your customers can view their outstanding invoices, service history, and request appointments. You can also set your portal up so that customers can make online payments there.

Things to know

  • To process credit cards through the Customer Portal, you must have ServiceTitan Payments set up and enabled.

  • To set up your portal for your Host Name, use a unique, easy-to-remember name directly related to your business. If you try to use a name that ServiceTitan has reserved, you’ll get an error message asking you to choose the other.

  • After you set up your customer portal, promote it to your customers to get the most out of the feature. Actively encourage your customers to use your customer portal:

    • Add a link to your customer portal in your customer notifications by editing your email notification templates. To learn more, see Customize notification message templates.

    • Add a link to your customer portal in your invoice email template. After you activate and set up your customer portal, use the {CustomerPortalLink} placeholder in the invoice email template to direct customers to your customer portal login page.

    • Embed a link to your customer portal on your website with a prominent call-to-action.

    • While on the phone with customers, ask them if they know about the portal. Encourage customers to register if they have not. If a customer has already registered, encourage them to bookmark the login page.

Set up the Customer Portal

Accept the legal agreement

Before you can access the Customer Portal, an administrator needs to review and accept the Legal Agreement:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings icon-settings.png. In the side panel, click Communications > Customer Portal.

  2. Review the Legal Agreement.

  3. Select I agree and accept these terms and consent to Partner’s access to my ServiceTitan account and data and then click Accept.

Enable the Customer Portal
  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings icon-settings.png. In the side panel, click Communications > Customer Portal.

  2. Turn on the Enable Customer Portal toggle and then click Save.

  3. If you want your customers to be able to submit requests for jobs through the Customer Portal,  turn on the Appointment Scheduler toggle. To learn more, see Set Web Scheduler for Office Employees, Set Web Scheduler for Homeowners, and Set up the Web Appointment Scheduler (Legacy).

  4. If you want your customers to see their Membership information in the Customer Portal, turn on the Enable users to view memberships in Customer Portal toggle.

    Note: Residential customers will see Memberships. Commercial customers will see Contracts.  If enabled, enter the Membership information your customers can view:

    1. Membership statuses to display—Select the membership statuses the customer can view (Canceled, Expired, and Suspended). Note: Active memberships will always display for the customer.

    2. Turn on a recurring service message—Enter a message that will appear on the Visits tab when a user visits a membership.

  5. Enter your business information:

    1. Host—Enter a name that’s easy for your customers to remember. For example, if your business website is, enter xyzplumbing as the host.

    2. Name—Enter the official name of your company rather than any name specific to a particular business unit. For example, if your business handles plumbing and electrical work, enter XYZ Services rather than XYZ Plumbing or XYZ Electrical.

    3. Logo—As with the company name, upload a logo representing your entire company rather than a single business unit. (The image should be 50 pixels in height).

    4. Email and Phone—This email address and phone number should reach the specific person who can help your customers with your customer portal.

  6. Allow customer portal users to view and download invoices associated with the following business units—Select the business units you want to allow your customers to download their invoices from the Customer Portal.

  7. When you’re done, click Save.

Modules in your customer portal

Invoices (Online Payments)

Your customers can log in to your customer portal and see unpaid invoices for completed jobs in one spot and pay for them, partially or in full:

  • If your customers choose to pay partially, they can only select one invoice.

  • If your customers choose to pay an invoice in full, they can select multiple invoices and make a single payment.

This provides a more direct and centralized experience than customers needing to use email notifications for invoices to access Online Payments.

Note: The Customer Portal corresponds to one ServiceTitan account, you can only link one ServiceTitan Payment account to your Customer Portal.

After you make the payments online through the Customer Portal, you can see them in the job’s audit trail. To learn more, see the Guide to Online Payments.

Tips: Your customers can also download their invoices from the Invoices module. if enabled.

Service History

Your customers can access their invoice history by service location in the History tab.

Your customers can also view and download invoices, both paid and unpaid, for jobs associated with specific business units that you selected in Settings. Note: $0 invoices do not show up in the Service History.


If enabled, the Memberships (or Contracts for commercial customers) tab will appear. This allows your customers to view membership, see upcoming maintenance visits, and update the credit card payment information for their membership.

Web Appointment Scheduler

If enabled, the Web Appointment Scheduler allows your customers to submit appointment requests for jobs through your customer portal. These Web Appointment Scheduler requests show up under Bookings on the call booking screen; you can book jobs through the booking request. To learn more, see Set Web Scheduler for Office Employees, Set Web Scheduler for Homeowners, Set up the Web Appointment Scheduler (Legacy), and Manage bookings.

Account Creation

After your customers first land on the login page, they can click Request an invitation to register for your customer portal.

Then, they are prompted to enter the email address associated with their record in ServiceTitan.

Note: Your customer can only sign up with an email address that is on their customer record in ServiceTitan. If your customer wants to use a different email address, your office staff needs to update their contact information in ServiceTitan first.

After your customer’s email address is entered and submitted, they receive a confirmation email. When they click the confirmation link in the email, they are prompted to create a password to log in the Customer Portal.

Want to learn more?

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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