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Set ring duration for call centersLast updated on 03/22/2022

In ServiceTitan Phones Pro, you can set how long you want customers to wait while the phone is ringing. If the agent is not available, the call is returned to the hold queue. Each agent can also set their own ring duration. The default is 30 seconds.

Things to know

Default ring duration is 30 seconds. Note: Ring duration depends on where the call is answered. The ring duration set in the administrator’s profile settings only pertains to calls made to the agent’s direct number. If an agent is routed to a call center or department, they will get a call for the set ring duration in the department or call center.

Open call routing settings

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Phones Pro icon-phone.png to open the embedded dialer. Note: If you don’t have the embedded dialer enabled, sign in to your Dialpad account and skip to step four.

  2. In the Phones Pro embedded dialer, click the Wrench icon.

    Phone Preferences opens.

  3. Click View Dialpad Settings.

    Your Dialpad profile opens in a new tab.

  4. In Dialpad, go to Admin Settings > Call Centers. If you have multiple call centers, click the call center you want to set routing rules for.

  5. Click Business Hours & Call Handling. The section expands.

  6. In the Call Routing section, click Edit Call Routing.

    The Call Routing screen opens.

Set ring duration for a call center

Set how long call center phones and devices ring.

Set your individual ring duration

Individual agents can also set their ring duration, which applies when someone dials their direct number.

  1. From your Dialpad profile, click Your Settings > Call Handling & Voicemail. The section expands.

  2. In the Call Handling & Voicemail section click Show advanced option. In this screen you can set your individual ring duration.

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