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Review calls in the Call Metrics scoreboardLast updated on 02/08/2022

Now you can review calls that aren’t booked into jobs in the Call Metrics section of the Modular Dashboard and make sure customer support representatives (CSRs) review unbooked jobs and provide correct analysis.

Things to know

The Review tab is built:

  • To highlight calls that aren’t booked into jobs

  • To serve as a teaching tool for reviewing unbooked jobs

  • To make sure CSRs provide correct classifications

Review unbooked or not lead calls

Review unbooked or not lead calls in the Review tab.

  1. In ServiceTitan, go to the navigation bar, and click Dashboard.

  2. Specify the date from the dropdown list.

  3. Go to the Call Metrics.

  4. Click the call to learn more about the call.

  5. Go to the CSR Metrics.

  6. Select an agent from Agent Scorecards. The agent’s scorecard opens.

  7. Click the Review tab.

In the Review tab, you can review Unbooked, Not Lead, or Excused calls and reclassify them, if needed.

Note: Booked, or Lead calls don’t appear in this tab.

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