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Process point of sale transactions in the ServiceTitan POS mobile appLast updated on 09/08/2022

Point of Sale (POS) lets you sell items to your customers from designated business locations and generate invoices without attaching a job or any job-dependent information. If you use ServiceTitan Payments, you can use the ServiceTitan POS mobile app with the BBPOS card readers to apply credit card payments to a POS invoice.

Things to know

  • Before you can process credit card payments with ServiceTitan POS, make sure you:

    • Enable ServiceTitan Payments for your account. For more, see ServiceTitan Payments.

    • Configure and set up a BBPOS card reader to use in the office with the ServiceTitan POS app.

    • Create POS locations and configure the recording of POS transactions. For more information, see Process point of sale transactions from the office.

    • Verify that payments made by customers are tied to specific ServiceTitan accounts by signing in to ServiceTitan POS with the same account you used to sign in to ServiceTitan.

  • The ServiceTitan POS app is compatible only with Android devices.

  • You should generate the invoice first in ServiceTitan, then in ServiceTitan POS app.

Process a credit card payment in ServiceTitan POS

  1. After creating a POS invoice in ServiceTitan, click Add Payment.

  2. On the Add Payment screen, select a credit card Payment Type and update the fields as needed. Verify the amount the customer wants to pay using their credit card.

    You can select one of the two options by clicking the up-arrow icon:

    • Create Payment Records Only

    • Swipe Card

Option 1 Select the Create Payment Record Only option. The record appears in the list of invoice items and on the Invoice Page. Option 2

To swipe a card:

  1. Select the Swipe Card option. Run EMV Swiper opens.

  2. Open the ServiceTitan POS app on your mobile device and sign in using the same account you used to create the POS invoice. A list of all available swipers displays. Note: For pairing instructions, see Process credit card payments in ServiceTitan Mobile with the BBPOS card reader.

  3. Tap the swiper you want to use.

  4. In the list of pending invoices that displays, click Pay for the payment you want to process. Note: If there’s only one payment pending, the Purchase Amount screen opens instead.

    ServiceTitan POS shows the Purchase Amount and attempts to connect to an available swiper.

    If ServiceTitan POS can’t connect, tap Connect to Another Swiper and select a different swiper from the list.

    Tip: If you don’t see any connected swipers, you may need to pair the swiper with your mobile device.

  5. Once the swiper is connected and ready to swipe, pass the swiper to the customer and ask them to insert their credit card.

    When a credit card is inserted, ServiceTitan POS processes the payment. IMPORTANT: Do not remove the credit card or disconnect the swiper while the transaction is in progress.

  6. Ask the customer to sign the Credit Card Payment Authorization, then tap Accept.

  7. When the credit card payment is complete, ServiceTitan POS shows that the transaction was approved. After the transaction is completed, the ServiceTitan POS home screen opens.

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