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Create real time assist cardsLast updated on 03/22/2022

The Real Time Assist feature automatically suggests talk-tracks and key details to representatives during a call based on user-defined trigger words. You can equip your customer service representatives with the content they need by using real time assist cards.

Create cards

To create your assist cards:

  1. In Dialpad settings, go toAdmin Settings > Voice Intelligence.

  2. Click Create Real Time Assist Card.

  3. Select the Create from scratch or Start from a template option.

  4. Give a name and description to the Real Time Assist card.

  5. Add a talk-track in the Rep Response field. You can add links to assist customer service representatives (CSRs) with their calls.

  6. In Trigger words/phrases, add information to say which side can trigger the card to appear.

  7. Assign the Real time assist card to call centers or coaching groups.

  8. Click Create Card.

  9. A newly edited, deleted, or added Real-Time Assist card is available after the next 10 minute period without a call on a given coaching group or call center. Note: There is a limit of 100 cards per Call Center or Coaching Group.

Assist pop-ups

When one of the defined trigger words is mentioned on a call center call, a pop-up with the talk tracks appears for your agent to view.

If a trigger word is mentioned twice on a call, the assist card only pops up the first time the word is mentioned.

Speech coaching

Real Time Assist can also coach your team members on good speaking behaviors like using fewer words and not speaking too quickly.

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