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Use Phones Pro analyticsLast updated on 03/22/2022

With Phones Pro Analytics, you can use charts to track the progress of calls and assess calls to boost your performance. You can visualize call data for better understanding and effective use of Phones Pro.

Things to know

  • Keyword filters create alerts when certain words or phrases are spoken in a call. Make sure Voice Intelligence is enabled to generate results.

  • You can set a call as the default view by selecting the Save Pin icon. A pin appears indicating the default view has been selected.

Open Phones Pro settings

  1. In ServiceTitan, go to the navigation bar and click Phones Pro phone.png to open the embedded dialer. Note: If you don’t have the embedded dialer enabled, sign in to your Dialpad account and skip to step three.

  2. In the Phones Pro embedded dialer, click the Wrench icon.

    Phone Preferences opens.

  3. Click View Dialpad Settings.

    Your Dialpad profile opens in a new tab.

Search for calls

  1. In Dialpad, click Analytics in the side menu.

  2. In the All Calls section of the Analytics screen, you can search for calls based on the following filters:

  • Users and Groups—Calls from individual users or groups (departments, call centers, etc.)

  • Date—Range of dates when calls occurred

  • Keywords—Keywords agents or customers said during calls

  • Moment—Moments occurred during an agent’s or customers’ side of the conversation

  • Duration—Length of calls

Save searches

You can save frequently-used searches for future use:

  1. In the All Calls section of the Analytics screen, set the filters for your search.

  2. Click Save this search.

    Save Search opens.

  3. Enter a name for your search.

  4. Enter a short description (optional).

  5. Click Save Search.

You can see a list of saved searches in the My Searches section.

Use search templates

You can search for calls using predefined templates:

  1. Go to My Searches.

  2. Click plus.png. The Template screen opens displaying a list of templates along with a brief description.

  3. Select a template to search calls with.

  4. When you’re finished, click Apply Template.

View call metrics

You can view call metrics based on your search filters, for example, the total calls tab, top moments, top keywords, call minutes and text messages, and much more.

View call history

After you apply filters to search for calls you can view matching calls in the Call History section:

  1. Set filters for your search.

  2. Click View calls with these filters.

    A table opens with matching calls displayed in a list.

    Note: You can also open the call history of a team member. In the Leaderboards section of the Analytics screen, click the individual whose call history you want to open.

View calling habits

In the Calling Habits tab, you can view how calls are placed or received throughout your office. Office stats include:

  • Number of internal and external calls

  • Number of missed calls

  • Number of device usage, for example, web app, desktop app, or mobile VoIP

You can also view the following metrics of individual team members:

  • Average Call Length

  • Busiest Day of Calling

View the team leaderboard

In the Leaderboards section, you can view the following statistics for each team member:

  • Total calls

  • Total call minutes

  • Average call minutes

  • Total placed calls

  • Total received calls

Click a team member to view their call history.

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