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View Pricebook Pro explainer PDFsLast updated on 03/23/2022

ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro includes explainer PDFs for several services that you can view in ServiceTitan Mobile. You can show the PDF to customers so they can learn more about the service and understand its value.

Things to know

  • Explainers show the explanation, benefits, and additional details of a service on an easy-to-follow one-sheet.

  • When you add a Pricebook Pro service to your pricebook that includes an explainer, the PDF is automatically uploaded to your pricebook.

  • For Pricebook Pro services already added to your pricebook, use Pricebook Connect to stay up to date with the latest service explainer PDFs.

Supported services

There are PDF explainers available for these Pricebook Pro services:



Service name


Blower Assembly - Remove, Clean and Reinstall


Evaporator Coil Cleanse and Sanitize - Level 1


Evaporator Coil Cleanse and Sanitize - Level 2


Evaporator Coil, Cleanse, and Sanitize - Level 3


Remove and Clean Flame Sensor


Replace Run Capacitor up to 20 mfd


Replace Run Capacitor 30+ mfd


Replace Dual Run Capacitor up to 30 mfd


Replace Dual Run Capacitor 30+ mfd


Install Turbo Universal Replacement Capacitors 65 - 90 mfd


Install Mini-Turbo Capacitor


Nitrogen Leak Search at 300 PSI (if Empty)


Leak Search With Electronic Leak Detector


Add R-410A Refrigerant up to 2 lb


Add R-410A Refrigerant Each Additional lb


Replace Hot Surface Ignitor

View a Pricebook Pro explainer

  1. When building an estimate or invoice in ServiceTitan Mobile, tap Add Items. Your pricebook opens.

  2. Search for the service you want to view an explainer PDF for.

  3. Tap the item to open it. Note: Do not tap Add +.

  4. Tap the item image to open the media viewer.

  5. In the media viewer, select the PDF icon in the bottom row, then tap the icon in the viewing area.

    The explainer opens in the PDF viewer.

Tip: Tap Cancel to return to the service item screen.

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