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Payroll featuresLast updated on 03/22/2022

ServiceTitan includes several payroll features to help you save time, reduce errors, and minimize paperwork. You can automate performance pay, track timesheets, make payroll adjustments, export reports for payroll processing, and more.

Timesheet and Performance Pay

Timesheets and Performance Pay is a suite of in-app tools designed to help you capture, communicate, and customize gross pay for your payroll management. Built with the trades in mind, the features support hourly and performance pay, account for idle time and drive time, and deliver more comprehensive job costing.

Technician Timesheets

Track technician hours with Technician Timesheets. You can distinguish between job hours and paid non-job hours so you can accurately track labor costs in job costing reports. You can report on idle time and overtime pay, allowing you to identify timesheet inefficiencies.

Performance pay

Performance pay lets you award commissions for estimate sales and bonus pay for completed work. You have the flexibility to set comission and bonus rates by individual technician or pricebook item. You can even deduct material and equipment costs from performance pay calculations to protect gross margins.

Office Timesheets

With Office Timesheets, you can include hourly office employees in your payroll workflow. Office employees are prompted to clock in when they sign in and clock out when they sign out. This helps improve timesheet accuracy.

Payroll Sign-off

With Payroll Sign-off, after every pay period, your employees—both office employees and technicians—review and sign off on their payroll. Managers can resolve payroll disputes before you submit payroll for processing. This offers greater transparency and provides an efficient way to correct pay errors.

Payroll adjustments

Use payroll adjustments to make positive and negative corrections to an employee’s payroll. You can also use payroll adjustments to manually award performance pay. You can add payroll adjustments to an invoice for accurate job costing or you can add adjustments directly to an individual’s payroll.

Timesheet codes

Timesheet codes are used to track non-job timesheet events. For example, you can create timesheet codes for parts runs or training sessions. This helps you manage appointment scheduling and gives you an accurate accounting of employee activities. You can also set whether non-job timesheet event hours are paid or not.

Use the Dispatch Board to schedule and manage non-job timesheet events. If you enable technicians to clock in and out on their own, you can require them to clock into non-job timesheet events.

Earnings codes

When you export your payroll, use earnings codes to map ServiceTitan pay types to your payroll processor’s earnings codes. This ensures that regular hourly wages, overtime pay, commission, and bonuses are processed correctly.

Master Pay File

The Master Pay File report shows you all paid activities including hourly pay, performance pay, and payroll adjustments. This allows you to export gross pay details for a pay period for processing or reporting. The Activity column of the report shows the type of pay your employees earn.

Configurable Payroll

Configurable Payroll gives you flexibility on how you manage performance pay for your diverse team of technicians. Assign customizable pay profiles based on the ways you award bonuses and commissions. Pay profiles include pay rules where you can apply job filters and pay calculations based on invoice subtotal, business unit, invoice item, and more.

For example, you can set separate commission structures for the different trades you serve. Or you can increase performance bonuses for services that require specialized skills. Configurable Payroll even allows you to set sliding bonus scales to incentivize large-ticket invoices.

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