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Review your paystubs from the officeLast updated on 03/22/2022

Office employees can review, download, and print their ServiceTitan Payroll Pro paystubs for their records.

Things to know

Review your paystubs

  1. In the right corner of the navigation bar, click your profile icon and click Time Clock. The Time Clock opens.

  1. Click View Payroll.

    Your Timesheet opens.

  2. Click the Time Period dropdown and select the pay period of the paystub you want to review.

    The timesheet updates for that pay period.

  3. Click Download Paystub.

  4. An itemized PDF version of your paystub opens in a new browser tab.

  5. Follow your browser instructions to download or print the paystub for your records.

Update payroll information

  1. In the right corner of the navigation bar, click your Profile icon and then click My Payroll.

    The Your Payroll page opens where you can update your payment method, personal information, and tax withholding information.

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