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Reopen submitted payrollLast updated on 03/22/2022

With ServiceTitan Payroll Pro, you can preview payroll from the Payroll Dashboard and submit it for processing. Submitted payroll batches that are not yet processed can be reopened, edited, and resubmitted.

Things to know

  • With Payroll Pro, payroll processing is integrated into the Payroll Sign-off workflow.

  • You can reopen submitted payroll batches if they are not yet processed, that is if they are in the Pending status.

Reopen payroll batch

  1. In the right corner of the navigation bar, click your Profile icon and click Payroll Approval.

    The Payroll Dashboard opens for the employees you manage.

  1. Click the Submitted tab.

  2. Click Reopen Payroll.

    Select Payroll Batch to Reopen opens.

  3. Select the payroll batch you want to reopen. Note: If there are multiple payroll batches, you can reopen them in bulk.

  4. Click Reopen Payroll.

    Confirmation opens.

  5. Click Reopen Payroll.

Now payroll is in the Pending tab. You can make changes and resubmit it.

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