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Process payrollLast updated on 09/14/2022

With ServiceTitan Payroll Pro, you can preview payroll from the Payroll Dashboard and submit it for processing.

Things to know

  • With Payroll Pro, payroll processing is integrated into the Payroll Sign-off workflow.

  • You can reopen submitted payroll batches if they are not yet processed, that is if they are in the Pending status.

Submit payroll for processing

  1. Follow the steps to approve payroll for processing for a pay period. On the Payroll Dashboard, the payroll of approved employees moves from the Pending tab to the Manager Approved tab.

  2. Click the Manager Approved tab.

  3. Select the employees whose payroll you want to process.

  4. Click Preview Payroll.

    Preview Payroll Processing opens, showing total payroll costs, deductions, and net pay for the selected employees. If you find errors, you can edit payroll.

  5. To review an employee’s paystub, in the Benefits and Deductions column, click View Details for the employee. A pop-up opens.

    Tip: Click Close icon-close.png to return to the Preview Payroll Processing screen.

  6. To send the selected payroll for processing, click Submit Payroll. Note: This action cannot be undone.

A notification displays to let you know that the submission was successful.

The Payroll Dashboard shows the payroll status after it is submitted for processing. Submitted payroll batches that are not yet processed are in Pending status, after processing they will be in Paid status.

Edit manager-approved payroll

When payroll moves to the Manager Approved tab of the Payroll Dashboard, it cannot be edited. To make changes to an employee’s payroll, first, undo the approval.

Note: Edited payroll must go back through employee sign-off and manager approval.

To edit manager-approved payroll:

  1. From the Preview Payroll Processing screen, click Back to Previous Page.

    The Payroll Dashboard opens.

  2. For the employee whose payroll you want to edit, click Undo Approval.

  3. Or, in the Action column, click View Actions.

    The employee’s payroll details screen opens.

  4. Click Undo Approval.

    The employee’s payroll moves to the Pending tab.

  5. Click the Pending tab where you can create payroll adjustments or edit non-job timesheets.

Review submitted payroll

Employees whose payroll is submitted for processing move to the Paid tab on the Payroll Dashboard.

Note: You cannot edit payroll already submitted for processing.

To review submitted payroll:

  1. In the right corner of the navigation bar, click your Profile icon and click Payroll Approval.

    The Payroll Dashboard opens listing the employees you manage.

  2. Use the dropdown to select the pay period you want to view.

  3. Click the Submitted tab.

  4. Review submitted payroll for that pay period:

  • The top of the screen shows payroll costs, deductions, and net pay.

  • Click Download Payroll Details to download a CSV version of the pay period’s payroll that you can import into a spreadsheet application.

  • To view an individual’s payroll, in the Action column, click View Actions to open a dropdown of options:

    • Select Manage This Payroll to open the employee’s payroll screen where you can run reports, open approvals, and review an audit trail.

    • Select View Payroll Details to open the employee’s paystub details.

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