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Identify report templatesLast updated on 04/04/2022

Know how to identify which report templates to use to create specific reports.

Things to know

  • A report template or dataset is a collection of metrics that you can refer to gain business insight. The report templates include Jobs, Invoices, Inventory Line Items, Credit Card Transactions, and others.

  • Every report is built with a Report Template and placed in a Report Category.

  • The report templates are used to build a report which determines columns that are available for you to select in the report.

  • Remember that you can’t change the created report template but you can alter it to fit your business needs.

Identify report template from the reports home screen

To identify a report template from the reports landing page:

  1. In ServiceTitan, go to the Reports tab and search for the report name.

The Report Template appears as a label on the report card.

Note: You can view the report in both Grid and List modes.

Identify report template by editing the report

To identify a report template by editing the report:

  1. Click dot.png and then click Edit.

The Report Template appears at the bottom of the card.

Note: If you don’t have permission to edit reports, see Identify report templates from the reports home screen.

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