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Book multi-day jobsLast updated on 03/22/2022

To book multi-day jobs it is recommended that you book a job and add an appointment for each day of work, or create a project and book a separate job for each day of work.

Add an appointment for each day of work

Before you start, book a job or search for an existing job that you want to add additional days to.

  • If you booked a new job the Job Record opens.

  • To open an existing job, click the Job # in the search results.

  1. Scroll down to Scheduled Appointments.

  2. Add an appointment for each day of work by clicking Add Appointment for a single appointment or use the dropdown to add multiple appointments. Note: You can add more appointments later, if needed.

  3. Enter the appointment details:

    1. Choose a Start Date.

    2. Choose a Start Time.

    3. If you want to set an end time select Edit Appointment End Time and choose the end date and time. Appointments can be multiple days long.

    4. If you want to assign technicians as you're creating the appointment click the dropdown and select the technicians to assign.

    5. If you want to send a booking confirmation, select Send Booking Confirmation.

  4. Click Schedule Appointment.

Repeat this process if you need to add days of work at a later time.

Book a separate job for each day of work in a project

You can book each day of work as its own job in ServiceTitan, and organize them in a project. Be aware that if a technician uses Reschedule or Hold, another appointment will automatically be created on that job.

  1. Find the customer or service location that needs a project. You can click the record from the Call Booking screen if you’re on the line with the customer or use Search to find the record if you’re not.

  2. Click Create Project.

  3. Click Book new job or Attach existing job to book jobs or attach existing jobs from the project.

  4. When your technician leaves at the end of each day have them closeout the appointment using Complete the Job.

    Note: You can also Create a project from an existing job or Book the work from a sold estimate.

Other methods

It is also possible to book multi-day jobs in ServiceTitan by booking one long appointment that spans however many days your job runs or using Pause at the end of each day of work and having the office reschedule the appointment.

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