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Working as a call center representative using Dialpad: basicsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Understand the basics of working as a call center representative for a call center using the Dialpad and ServiceTitan integration. The call center is a tool you can use in connection with the embedded dialer or the native Dialpad app.

Things to know

  • Unanswered calls and calls that go to voicemail are considered abandoned in ServiceTitan. To learn more, see Handle abandoned calls and unbooked calls.

  • If you’re making an outgoing call while you’re available, your status is set to occupied. If you’re off duty when making an outbound call, your status remains off duty for the duration of the call.

Answer a call

To take incoming calls, you need to be marked as Available and turn off the Do Not Disturb mode.

When a call comes in through the embedded dialer or the native Dialpad app, you’re alerted to it. You have two options:

  • Click Decline to send the call to the next available agent in the call rotation. If you decline or miss the call, you’re automatically marked as Off Duty. In order to receive calls again, mark yourself as Available.

  • Click Answer to pick up the call and automatically select the green call bubble.

    When you answer a call, the call bubble is automatically selected and the call booking process continues. To learn more about the call booking process, see Book a job.

Record a call

As a call center agent, you can stop and start a call recording. Tip: Customers disable recording when they tell confidential information on the phone, for example their credit card information.

To enable the pause recording:

  1. In Dialpad, go to Advanced Settings > Call Centers.

  2. Select a call center.

  3. In the call center, click Advanced Settings.

  4. In the Automatic Call Recording and Transcription section, select the Pause Recordings checkbox to stop the recording.

    Note: To pause call recordings in ServiceTitan, please reach out to the ServiceTitan Support Team.

Make an outbound call

There are three options to make an outbound call:

Option 1

To make an outbound call, search for the customer and click their phone number. To learn more, see Place an outbound call.

Note: Do not use the Make a Call button in the dialer to call customers since the calls are not recorded or included in reporting. Click the Call icon instead.

While you are able to click the search icon in the embedded dialer to find and make calls to customers with whom you have already spoken using the embedded dialer, click the Call icon instead.

Option 2

  1. In Dialpad, type a name or number.

Note: The criteria for the call to be saved in ServiceTitan is that the number you dial should be saved in a customer or location profile in ServiceTitan. If you are making a call, you can create the customer profile while on the call before they hang up, and the call is saved to the respective customer or location profile. If you place an outbound call to a number that isn’t saved in a profile in ServiceTitan, the call is only saved in Dialpad.

Option 3

  1. In Dialpad, click Make a call.

  2. From the New Call From section select one of the call centers or one of the call centers that the agent is assigned.

Note: The New call from setting remains as you set it throughout the working day. When you log out of the Dialpad, it resets the Newcall from setting to the default. This is one method you can use to track outbound calls in Dialpad reporting.

Transfer a call

Just like your personal calls, you can transfer your Call Center calls using Ask First,Transfer Now,Transfer to Voicemail, or Transfer to Hold Queue. To learn more, see Transfer a Call (Dialpad help center).

Use post wrap-up time

If your supervisor has enabled this feature, you have a specified amount of wrap-up time between ending your last call and receiving a new one.

View your call center inbox

Your call center inbox includes the hold queue, new notifications, all notifications, and voicemails.

Enable email notifications

If you want to be informed when you’re outside of Phones Pro, enable email notifications for voicemails:

  1. Go to the main navigation bar and click your Profile icon.

  2. From the dropdown, click Launch Phones Pro.

  3. In the side menu, click Settings > Call Centers.

  4. Select the notifications you want to receive.

    Since your changes save automatically as you make them, you can leave the screen when you’re done.

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