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Add estimates from a proposal template in ServiceTitan MobileLast updated on 02/27/2023

You can only add an estimate template to a job if it's included in a proposal template. You can always build a custom estimate in ServiceTitan Mobile. For more on building proposal templates, see Proposal templates. Proposal templates let you add estimates pre-built from estimate templates to a job for commonly performed tasks.

Add estimates from a proposal template

  1. From the dashboard, tap VIEW CURRENT JOB.



  4. Tap SELECT on the proposal template you want to add to the job.

    Tip: Tap a proposal template to see each included estimate template, prices, and labels.

    Estimates opens, and you see each estimate included on the proposal template.

  5. From Estimates, you can:

    • Add or remove items

    • Mark an estimate as Recommended

    • Present and sell the estimate

Add or remove items on an estimate

After you build an estimate, you can add or remove items on it to suit the needs and budget of the customer.

  1. From the dashboard, tap VIEW CURRENT JOB.


  3. Tap on the estimate you want to add or remove items from.

    The estimate opens.

  4. From the estimate, you can:

    • Tap Add items to add more items from your pricebook to the estimate.

    • Tap REMOVE to remove the item from the estimate.

    • Tap REPLACE to replace the item with another item from your pricebook.

  5. When finished, tap DONE. The estimate updates with your changes.

Mark an estimate as Recommended

When you present estimates to customers, they see each estimate, its price, and potential savings if they have a membership with you. You can mark one or more estimates as Recommended, increasing the likelihood that the customer will purchase it.

To mark an estimate as Recommended:

  1. From the dashboard, tap VIEW CURRENT JOB.


  3. Select Recommend for each estimate you want to mark as Recommended. You can select more than one.

Present and sell an estimate

After you add an estimate template, you can present each estimate option to the customer and sell the estimate. You can also present and sell estimates without coming into physical contact with the customer. For more, see Use the Contactless Experience.

  1. From the dashboard, tap VIEW CURRENT JOB.


  3. Tap PRESENT.

    Presentation Mode opens with each estimate shown.

  4. Once the customer selects the best estimate for their needs, tap VIEW on the estimate.

  5. Ask the customer to sign the Customer Authorization, and then tap SIGN/ACCEPT.

  6. If you’re going to complete the work now, tap YES. If you plan to leave the job site and the work will be completed later, tap NO. When finished, tap APPLY.

    Invoice opens.

  7. Depending on the job type, you may need to collect signatures and equipment details. Tap each to complete required fields.

  8. When finished, tap FINISH JOB.

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