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Using GreenSky® Financing in ServiceTitan MobileLast updated on 03/01/2023

You can provide GreenSky® Financing options to your customers while presenting estimates in the ServiceTitan Mobile app and improve your technicians’ ability to sell and increase your bottom line.

Things to know

  • You can submit as many applications as needed to correct previously submitted loan application information, such as typos or other key details, or add co-applicants to a loan submission. This ensures your customers can correct any incorrect information as needed.

  • When completing the GreenSky® loan application, the applicant is required to enter an email address. Once the loan application is approved, the agreement is automatically emailed to the customer and a new card is sent in the mail. A customer who is denied will also be notified via email.

  • If the loan was approved and you’re using the new credit line to pay for services, remember to select the GreenSky® Financing payment type when you add the customer payment.

  • GreenSky® account activation is fully supported in the ServiceTitan integration. Once a customer has been approved, they will be prompted to verify their identity, which activates their account. Account activation must occur before the virtual card can be charged.

Use GreenSky® in ServiceTitan Mobile

  1. To open the application, tap Financing.

  2. Tap Apply Now. This opens the New Application page.

  3. Enter the Desired Loan Amount, then click Show All Plans to select the loan plan for which your customer wants to apply. 

  4. In the list of plans that opens, select a plan to view its details before accepting. 

  5. Once your customer knows which loan plan they want, tap the New Application tab to select the plan. The GreenSky® application opens. Note: If your customer doesn’t know which plan to choose, see Estimate payments with the Payment Estimator.

  6. Ask your customer to do the following: 

    1. Enter the required information. If there’s a co-applicant, go to the Co-Applicant section and select Yes. Once finished, tap Next.

    2. Read and agree to the loan disclosure agreement, then tap Next.

    3. Review and confirm their information. To make changes, tap Edit.

  7. When the customer is ready to submit the application to GreenSky®, tap Submit

GreenSky® sends an approval response in seconds. In the event that additional information is required to process the application, GreenSky® may ask the customer a series of questions to approve or deny the loan. Have your customer respond to the questions and tap Next until they are done.

If the customer is approved

If the customer is approved, a summary of the loan appears on the screen.

  1. After your customer agrees to the terms of the loan. tap Accept Offer. A confirmation appears asking to activate the account. Tap Accept Offer again. 

  2. Ask your customer to review the loan summary and tap Activate Account.

  3. Tap View Agreement. Your customer can review the agreement or bypass it and review it later. Note: The agreement is emailed to customers.

If the customer is denied

If the customer is denied, and if your business is set up with TURNS Financing, your customer can opt for TURNS financing.

Estimate payments with the Payment Estimator

If your customer is unsure about which payment plan they want:

  1. Tap the Payment Estimator tab. The Payment Estimator enables the customer to select the loan type and enter the loan amount. 

  2. When done, tap Estimate Payments to see the payment amount and number of months required for that specific loan plan. This helps your customer decide which loan plan is right for them.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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