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GreenSky® Report GuideLast updated on 03/22/2022

The GreenSky® report provides a list of all GreenSky® applications and related information, giving you a comprehensive look at customers who have been approved, declined, or have incomplete applications.

Create a GreenSky® report

Follow the steps to create a custom report based on the GreenSky® report template.

Run the GreenSky® report

  1. Use the From and To calendar fields to set a range of dates for the report.

  2. Enter an Application Id to look for a particular application, or leave blank to include all applications for your date range.

  3. Click Run. The GreenSky® report generates.

    Note: This report includes more columns than can be displayed at once. Use the horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the report to view all of the columns.

Read report results

Your report results display in a table based on the filters you set. By default, the GreenSky® report includes the following columns:

Report column

Application Date

Date of application


Whether the application was approved or declined

Application ID

GreenSky® application ID


Applicant's state of residence


The technician who submitted the loan application

Loan Amount

The total amount approved

Request Amount

The total amount requested in the application

Credit Limit

The maximum potential amount the applicant could have


The loan annual percentage (APR) rate for the loan

Term Name

The GreenSky® loan plan name

Applicant Last Name

The last name of the applicant

Co-Applicant Name

The last name of the co-applicant if applicable

Expiration Date

the expiration date of the loan filter

Open Spend

Available open spend credit

Application Status

Status of the application. Status can be

  • Active—The loan was approved and the purchase window has not expired.

  • Inactive—Can mean either that the loan was declined, or that the loan was approved but the purchase window has expired.

  • Pending—The loan is still being processed by GreenSky®.

Customer Name

The Bill To name for the loan in ServieTitan

Customize your report

You can add and remove columns related to GreenSky® for more specialized reporting. For further customization, you can also arrange and filter your results to narrow the focus of your report.

Add and remove columns

  1. Above the report results, click Edit Columns.

  2. In Edit Columns, select or deselect the items you want added to or removed from your report.Point to a field to view a description of that column.

You can edit the GreenSky® report to show the following fields:

Loan Term—The purchase window of the loan.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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