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Get started with API dev portal V2Last updated on 06/07/2022

Know what to do to get started with Version 2 (V2) of ServiceTitan APIs. Once you complete the first steps, visit for full access to self-serve tools, including documentation, reference, FAQs, and more to help you build powerful and dynamic integrations to address your business needs.

Things to know

  • This is a quick reference guide to get you started. For a full version of all the items mentioned in this article, visit

  • Tokens and information used in the images are for example only.

API infrastructure

Before you start using our API dev portal, understand how it works, including how it validates key pairs, returns access tokens, and how to make a successful call.

Our V2 APIs offer a range of endpoints for features like Jobs, Projects, Invoices, Payroll, Pricebook, and more. We follow OAuth2.0 protocol and machine-to-machine grant flow.

A successful V2 API call looks like this:

  1. Call OAuth 2.0 API, Pass Client ID and Secret Key. ServiceTitan validates the key pair and returns an access token.

  2. Call individual API & Pass Access Token and App Key. ServiceTitan validates credentials and processes the API call.

For more information, see Make your first API call.

Step 1: Create an app

Before you start using our dev portal, you’ll need to create an app and generate an app key to move to the next step:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Login to My Apps.

  3. In the ServiceTitan Customers section, click Login as Integration Environment user or Login as Production Environment User. Note: Selections are based on your account access.

    The ServiceTitan sign-in screen appears.

  4. Enter your ServiceTitan credentials to sign in.

  5. In My Apps, click +New App.

  6. Enter your app details in all the fields.

    1. In the Tenant(s) section, add tenant IDs.

    2. In API Scope, select your endpoints.

    An Application created! confirmation appears.

  7. In the Keys > Application Key section, copy your key. You’ll need it to generate a Client ID and Secret Key.

Step 2: Generate a Client ID and Secret Key

Now that you’ve created an app and generated an app key, you’ll need to generate a Client ID and Secret Key:

  1. In Servicetitan, go to the navigation bar and click Settingsicon-settings.png.

  2. In the side panel, search Integrations.

  3. Click API Application Access.

    The Manage API Application Access section opens.

  4. Click Connect New App.

    A Connect New App pop-up opens to the available app for your account.

  5. Find the application you want and click to select it.

  6. Click Connect. A message asking you to access your account appears.

  7. Review the access request. If it’s correct, click Allow Access.

    An App connected! message appears.

  8. In Application Details > Client ID, copy your Client ID. Go to Client Secret and click Generate to generate a secret key.

  9. Share the Client ID and Secret Key with your app developer.

Additional API dev portal V2 resources

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