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Set up QuickBooks General Ledger AccountsLast updated on 08/30/2022

Adding your General Ledger Accounts

  1. Open QuickBooks and ServiceTitan.

  2. In QuickBooks, open your Chart of Accounts (Lists > Chart of Accounts).

  3. In ServiceTitan, go to Settings > Operations > General Ledger Accounts.

  4. Click Add Account. You will be copying the information from QuickBooks into ServiceTitan.

  5. You will now be able to add:

    • Name. Copy/paste the name of the account. This should not include the account number unless you have included that in the QuickBooks NAME field.

    • Number [Optional]. Copy/paste the account number associated with the account in QuickBooks. If you cannot see the account numbers in your Chart of Accounts, right-click the title of any column and select Customize Columns. Add the ACCNT. # column and click OK.

  6. Select the appropriate account type.

  7. After you select the account type, a Subtype field will appear. Select the appropriate subtype.

  8. Click Save.

General Ledger Accounts - FAQ

See QuickBooks Desktop Users - FAQ.

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