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Use the Follow Up tabLast updated on 03/22/2022

Use the Follow Up tab in the ServiceTitan Mobile to follow up on estimates, leave notes each time you follow up, set reminders to follow up again and duplicate forms.

Things to know

  • Find the opportunity you’re looking for using filters. Filters are only applied after you tap search.

  • You can filter by date, follow up date, business unit, opportunity status or search using a keyword. For more on opportunity statuses, see Understand opportunity statuses.

  • You can select to only show opportunities with reminders.

  • You can sort opportunities in ascending or descending order.

  • You can find details such as photos, forms, and other activity by scrolling down to history.

  • If the estimate that generated the opportunity was built with estimate templates, each estimate has a corresponding label.

Follow up on an opportunity

  1. Go to the navigation bar and tap Follow Up.

  2. Tap View Opportunity on the opportunity you want to follow up on.

  3. To call the customer, tap the Phoneicon-phone.png. To send them an email, click Mailicon-mail.png.

  4. Tap the Estimate Title to open the estimate.

  5. If you need to follow up again, tap the Calendar icon icon-calendar.png to set a follow-up reminder.

  6. Tap LOG A FOLLOW UP if you want to add notes about your follow-up.

Set reminders

You can add an in-app, email or text reminder to remind yourself to follow up on an opportunity.

  1. In the dashboard, tap Follow Up.

  2. Find the opportunity that needs a reminder and tap View Opportunity.

  3. Tap the Calendar.

  4. Tap the date you want to be reminded on.

  5. If the customer prefers to be contacted at a certain time, tap SET TIME.

  6. Turn on the REMINDER.

  7. Tap OK.

  8. Select if you would like additional reminders sent by Email or Text.

  9. Tap FINISH.

  10. Review your follow-up reminder confirmation, then tap CLOSE.

  11. If you had just reached out to a customer, tap LOG A FOLLOW UP.

Log a follow up

You can add notes to an opportunity to provide helpful details for future follow ups.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and tap Follow Up.

  2. Tap View Opportunity on the opportunity you want to add a note to.


  4. Enter a note into the field provided.

  5. Select Successfully reached customer if you did.

  6. Copy the note to the location, customer, or job notes by selecting the corresponding options.

  7. Tap Save.

Duplicate a form

To make it easier to complete all of the necessary paperwork when selling an opportunity, you can duplicate forms from the Follow Up tab:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and tap Follow Up.

  2. Tap the opportunity where you need to duplicate a form.

  3. Tap Forms.

  4. Tap More next to the form you want to duplicate.

  5. Tap Duplicate.

  6. If you’ve completed any of the fields in the form you’re duplicating, you’re prompted to either make a blank copy or a copy that contains the information you’ve added.

    Tip: By default, the original form will be named 1, the first copy will be named 2, and any further copies will continue the numbering. You can rename the form.

  7. Tap Save.

  8. Complete the form as usual. For more on completing forms, see Complete and send forms in ServiceTitan Mobile.

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