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Fleet Pro sections and functionsLast updated on 05/01/2023

To access Fleet Pro, go to Fleet Pro on the top navigation bar.

Fleet Pro sections

ServiceTitan Fleet Pro consists of three main sections in the current version:

Fleet Data: The Fleet Data section is a hub that includes information about vehicles and drivers. Information in this section is derived from the GPS devices installed in the vehicles.

Alerts: This is where users can configure alerts to be triggered, who will receive these alerts, and how those alerts will be presented to a user. This section helps users understand real-time driving performance and compliance with certain defined rules and regulations the company has placed, such as speeding or hard braking.

Settings: The Settings section allows you to create groups of vehicles. Groups help you add configurations to a set of vehicles at once by selecting a group.

Fleet Pro functions

Some sections in Fleet Pro include a table that includes detailed information about each item. To make it easy to find a record you can:

  • Filter the list using the filtering options above the table. For more, see Filter data.

  • Use the Search field to find a specific item. For more, see Search for data.

  • Organize the table by clicking on a column header. For more, see Sort data.

  • To download the table list as an Excel or CSV file, click Actions and select Export to Excel / Export to CSV. Note: Your download will show the same information as your table, organized similarly

Filter data

  1. Click the Filter image1 icon.

  2. Select one or more items from the dropdown list.

  3. Click Done to add your selected items to the field. Tip: You can select All or None options to add or remove all items at once from the filtered list.

  4. When you’re done setting your filters, click Apply.

    Tip: To clear all selected fields click Reset All and Apply.

Search for data

  1. Sign in to ServiceTitan.

  2. Go to Fleet Pro. The Vehicle Data page opens.

  3. Enter the information of the vehicle you want to search. Note: You can use any information available in the vehicle data to search for it.

Sort data

  1. Sign in to ServiceTitan.

  2. Go to Fleet Pro. The Vehicle Data page opens.

  3. Select the columns you want to organize in the table and click the header of that column.

    Note: The information is organized by alphanumerical order from the top down or the other way round.

Want to learn more?

See Fleet Pro.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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