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Complete and send forms in ServiceTitan MobileLast updated on 11/11/2022

Technicians can use forms to gather details about customers and jobs. The completed form can then be emailed to the customer for their records. Form findings can also be attached to estimates.

Things to know

  • Depending on how your business has set them up, you may be prompted to complete a form upon arrival to a job, by adding a certain item to the invoice, or other actions. You can choose to fill out the form right away or later using the Form Triggered pop-up. For more, see Form triggers.

  • Only forms that are relevant to the job’s business unit (BU) are shown. If you need a form from a different BU, tap the Filter By dropdown and select the appropriate BU.

  • If a form is required, you have to complete it before you can complete the job. Required forms are marked.

  • You can't fill out forms until you’ve arrived at the job site.

  • The invoice lists only the required forms. To fill out an optional form, tap Forms.

  • You can mark up images with Doodle before you attach them to a form, if applicable.

  • If you send a form to a customer, the customer receives a PDF version of the completed form including any pictures or notes you added to the form.

  • All photos added to forms are automatically added to the job history. You can see them in the Files tab of the job. You can also add to any forms you need to complete for the job.

  • Forms you've started working on but haven't completed have the Started label next to the form.

    The form also shows Started on the office side:

Complete a form

  1. If you aren't already on the job screen for your current job, tap Overview on the dashboard, and then tap your current job.

  2. Tap Forms. If a form is required, you can also tap Invoice.

  3. Tap the form you want to complete.

    Note: If your business uses a lot of forms, you can filter by business unit to find the one you need.

  4. Complete the form.

    While completing a form, you can:

    • Duplicate or delete sections of a form by tapping More icon-more.png.

    • Add notes to a field by tapping the Pencil icon and adding your note.

    • Take or upload photos and videos for the form by tapping the Camera icon. You can also use Doodle to draw on photos added to a form.

  5. When you're done, tap Save.

    You can also tap Email before you save the form if you want to send the form to the customer right away. Check the email recipients and then tap Send.

Duplicate a form

Duplicating forms is useful for technicians who need to complete multiple copies of the same form for a job. For example, if you’re installing several HVAC condensers as part of the same job, you may be required to fill out a copy of the same form for each condenser.

  1. If you aren’t already on the job screen for your current job, tap Overview on the dashboard, and then tap your current job.

  2. Tap Forms.

  3. Tap More icon-more.pngnext to the form you want to duplicate.

  4. Tap Duplicate.

  5. If you’ve completed any of the fields in the form you’re duplicating, you’re prompted to either make a blank copy or a copy that contains the information you’ve added.

    • When you copy a form, the original form name is updated to 1 and the form copy is named 2. The form name of each subsequently copied form is sequential. You can edit the form copy name of a copied form by tapping it, and then tapping the Pencil icon next to the form copy name.

      Note: After you duplicate a form, you can delete different copies of the form until you have only one copy left. That final copy can’t be deleted.

  6. Complete the form.

Send a completed form to a customer

  1. From the dashboard, tap History.

  2. Find and tap the job associated with the form you want to send to the customer.

  3. Tap Forms.

  4. Tap the form you want to send to the customer.

  5. Tap Email.

  6. Verify the customer's email address. You can manually add email addresses that aren’t already in the system.

  7. Tap Send.

Attach form findings to estimates

After you complete a form, you can attach the responses, called form findings, to existing estimates by tapping + Add Findings from the estimate. You can also attach form findings from completed forms to new estimates as you build them.

Note: Make sure to attach a file type supported by the system. Otherwise, your file won’t be uploaded.  File types allowed:

  • Image files: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, webp, 3gp, rup, dng, heic, heif, tif, tiff, jfif

  • PDF

  • Video files: mov, mp4

  • Document files: doc, xls, docx, xlsx, ppt, pptx

  • Other files: mp3, htm, html, vcf, txt, xml, csv, smil

Access in progress/completed forms

When a form has been partially filled in or completed, you can revisit it by tapping My Forms from the dashboard. In-progress forms will have the Started label. Completed forms will include the date and time that they were finished.

Note: This page displays 10 forms by default with the most recent at the top. To see more results, tap Load More at the bottom of the page.

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