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Export your Wintac dataLast updated on 03/22/2022

If you’re migrating your business data from Wintac, you can get started with ServiceTitan faster by exporting and then importing your data to ServiceTitan during onboarding. Instead of manually reentering information about your business, ServiceTitan can automate this process for you, saving you time and money.

Things to know

  • Once you export your company backup and A/R Detail files from Wintac, you won’t need to add, remove, or rearrange any columns in the file.

Export/import your Wintac backup file and A/R Aging Report

You need to export the following files for import into ServiceTitan:

  • A backup of your Wintac data—Includes data about your customers, employees, and business.

  • An A/R Detail file—Includes data about unpaid balances and the duration for which they’ve been outstanding.

Export your company backup from Wintac

To export your Wintac data:

  1. On your computer, create a folder somewhere easily accessible and name it ServiceTitan.

  2. In the Wintac System Tools, click Run Company Backup.

  3. In the popup, navigate to and select the ServiceTitan folder you created earlier.

  4. Name the file “YourCompany_Date.” For example, if your company was named HVAC Company, name your file “HVACCompany_081420.”

  5. When finished, click Save.

Export your A/R Detail file from Wintac

To export your A/R Detail file from Wintac:

  1. In Wintac, click Customer/Job Manager > Reports.

  2. Find the A/R Invoice Aging report, and export it as an RTF file.

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